Motherhood is Some Scary Ish

Life has been an absolute whirlwind lately! After the stomach virus and then a cold, Harper got bitten by some bug and had a pretty bad reaction. She went from having normal mosquito looking bites to nastiness that sent us to the doctor’s office.

Motherhood is some scary shit. When you already have pretty high anxiety and then something like this happens…good grief! I couldn’t eat yesterday from the worry. Because the bites were changing so quickly (due to her possibly scratching) I HAD to get onto WebMD before Mike took her to get checked out. Why oh why?! Never look up infections or bites on that site. Just get to a real physician as quickly as you can because I had the poor baby diagnosed as having cellulitis.

Don’t google it. Trust me.

I didn’t workout yesterday because I didn’t fuel my system appropriately. I’m not planning on going to the gym tonight but will get in a workout from home. Because we’re now living off of one steady flow of income, I’m trying to figure out if I’ll keep my gym membership. It’s not a lot of money but it’s about a tank of gas per month. We’ll see.

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16 thoughts on “Motherhood is Some Scary Ish

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    My husband had a spider bite a few weeks ago – yep – I can't unsee what I've seen on Google.

    Know if you have to give up your gym membership, there's still plenty you can do.

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    Aww – (hugs) mama! The things we have to worry about now that we never thought of when we saw that plus sign! Have a glass for me and I'll have one for you 😉

  3. Christen P says:

    Web MD gets me every time!! It sucks, everyone seems to be getting sick and it's Spring now!! What were the bites anyway?

    If you lose the gym membership, you can still do the workout thing. I do it without a gym. Like you we live on one income! I got an exercise bike either on or cheap on Craigslist I forget. Then I have some good workout DVDs that cost next to nothing on Amazon (and you can download them for free if you are willing to risk it). The 10 Minute Solution Ones are great- you can do 10-up to 60 minutes. Jillian Michaels, too. She kicks your butt but it actually really works lol. And walking- I do a lot of walking and bike riding!

  4. Sara Crisostomo says:

    I don't trust Web MD! Before going to the doctor, I try all or most of the ointments on the drug store shelves.

    The gym membership isn't that big of a deal. You can use regular household items to workout (Soup Cans). I walk around the mall or park while my daughters shop and play. There are alternatives.

  5. Michelle Eichelberger says:

    Sorry I wasn't there to 1. Talk you off the ledge; 2 give you my professional motherly advice, and 3 my medical advice-no wait cancel number three because we all know that I got my medical degree from WEBMD so probably wouldn't have helped much. Glad she is doing okay and just remember the first time is always the worse. Now you know how to handle bug bites-easy peasy!


  6. Laura H says:

    Oh man, you have had it rough! I use WEB MD only after the dr has diagnoised me otherwise I stay away. I don't even watch scary movies and WEB MD is the same thing! And don't stress over the gym. Sounds like you have got the motivation and desire you can workout from home.

  7. Earl-Leigh says:

    We still don't know what bit her. The doctor gave us a pretty generous prescription and directed us to use it when anything bites her.

    I have never heard of! I'll check them out. I have weights at home…I just really enjoy doing as much cardio inside as possible. I'll run around the neighborhood if I need to though. 😉

  8. Earl-Leigh says:

    I think the point of that site is to drive people like me crazy. 😉

    You're absolutely right about alternatives! I have a mini home gym so it's time to use it.

  9. Earl-Leigh says:

    Thank you for the vote of confidence, Laura! I'm dusting off my kettlebell and yoga mat this afternoon. It was convenient to do the gym thing but I have what I need at home. 🙂

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