Bikinis and Biker Babes {Beach Vacation}

My mom celebrated her 60th birthday last week! Woo hoo! My siblings and their families, along with my crew, took her house over. She loved having all of her brood there at once and it was fun to watch the kiddos interact. My nieces would probably roll their eyes at that…teenagers. Ha!

Even though it was bike week, some of us really wanted to go to the ocean front. Oh my booty cheeks rocking everywhere. Because my brother and his family live out of the state, my nieces have never been exposed to the “ladies” who flock to bike week festivities. Until we were leaving the beach…other than that our time there was family friendly.

We had a great time. It was Harper’s first time seeing the ocean and sticking her toes in the sand. She hated the sand and cried every time we put her down when we got there. She eventually got used to the feeling and would sit long enough to dig with her shovel. She loved the water! I’m 99.5% sure that she’s a mermaid.

I’m waiting on a picture of all of us from brother to come in so that I can tell y’all about how fun my mom’s birthday dinner was. I ate about five pounds worth of cookies, cakes and pasta. I regret nothing.

Oh and I’m going to really take time out to learn about editing vlogs because my arm is in a splint now. Typing with this thing on is a pain in the ass somewhat difficult.


9 thoughts on “Bikinis and Biker Babes {Beach Vacation}

  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Looking good! Love the pictures and too bad about the arm splint. I have tendentious and would have to wear one when I was waiting tables. Nothing says sexy like a wrist in traction.

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