That One Time I Crashed a Bachelor Party

I’m officially two weeks behind on my Random-Leigh posts. I know, I know…you’re devastated and I apologize. It’s just getting harder to type with this stupid splint and vlogging is proving itself to be interesting.

This past Friday night, my friends and I got together for a sleepover bachelorette party. Katie, the bride, loves the movie “Bridesmaids” so we obviously needed to play a drinking game. Yeah.

The movie is filled with raunchy humor, threats of violence and swearing. The game dictates that you drink anytime someone curses, says something violent or talks about marriage.

One of the other ladies at the bachelorette (Kate), was going to the bachelor party the next night because she’s actually a groomswoman. Well, the only groomswoman. Because The Groom, Kate and I are friends from college…I decided that I would crash his party. My invitation was lost in the mail. Silly postman. Ha!

It pretty much went from this,

To this…

Okay, maybe not to that degree but my body was definitely feeling it. When you go from eating healthy, with an occasional glass of wine, to back-to-back parties…your body responds negatively. I didn’t get sick but my skin didn’t have its usual glow. When my nutrition is on point (meaning, not crappy), my hair and skin reflect the nourishment I’m providing.

This week is detox time. Lots of water with lemon, extra veggies and fruit.

Get it Together via Earl-Leigh Designs

*Sidenote: My hubby is a groomsmen and was at the bachleor party too. 

GIFS 1/2/3

11 thoughts on “That One Time I Crashed a Bachelor Party

  1. Susie Suzlyfe says:

    Bahaha we all have those times. Last week was a “tox” week for me–I am not supposed to drink much because of the long term meds that I am on, but how are you not going to get a hand crafted cocktail while on vacation? And it's just TIME for one? I was good, but it was definitely far too frequent. Now I gotta get back on the bandwagon, I guess. SAD FACE

  2. Christina Arceneaux says:

    Where do you find these clips that play over and over again??? They're amazing. Vlogging is a nightmare come true for me. That girl's lips up top, just wow! Sounds like you had a good time. I don't drink, but you wouldn't guess that seeing my moves on the dancefloor–hahah!

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