Bikini Series Wrap-Up {Fitness Update}

Hallelujah! We hired a new HR girl and she starts next Monday!


Last week wrapped up the Tone It Up Bikini Series! I had some good results but some of my “yolo meals“, as Cassey Ho would say, kept my abs in hiding when I turned in my final submission. I could have easily said “eff it, I don’t have a six-pack so I’m not turning these in” but what purpose would that have served me?! I like to finish what I start.

I don’t have the abs of my dreams right now. Okay. What I do have is a body that is getting stronger by the day/week! As you can see, I’m still an avid fan of flexing. LOL. I can run around with Harper and not feel self-conscious. I’ve worn a bikini for the first time in about two years and I’m looking for another one. All of these reasons (and more) are why I consider my first Bikini Series to be a success.

I’m working on a post of my favorite upper body training techniques. Because I’ve been exercising with a bum wrist and hand for the past few months, I had to change the way I trained. No push-ups, no pull-ups and no traditional planks. I hope that it will be helpful for at least one person!

Let me know if y’all want to see my before and after comparison photos. I try not to bombard you guys with pictures of me in my ‘kini! Ha!

P.S.- We’re not a single income family anymore! Mike started his new job designing educational something or others last Monday. Yay!

GIFS 1/2


12 thoughts on “Bikini Series Wrap-Up {Fitness Update}

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    Yipee for more family income 🙂
    I'd love to see result pictures… those always push me to get my own result pictures 🙂
    Congrats on finishing the series. most people don't finish what they start.

  2. Kristen Kelly says:

    Great work! Keep flexing! I am so looking forward to your post about your upper body routine! I have zero upper body strength, so could never do push-ups or pull-ups anyway. Looking forward to some creative alternatives! Congrats on the new job for the hubby too!

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