More Half-Nekkid Photos, Earl? {Fitness Update}

I asked if y’all wanted to see my “before” and “after” pictures for the Tone It Up Bikini Series and the vote was “yes”. You brought this on yourselves! 😉

I submitted bikini pictures that really focused on my stomach because I still had some fluff and a lot of loose skin from my pregnancy. This is an area that some women feel hopeless about after they have had a baby. Do not despair, ladies! This area can be snatched! I still have some loose skin but not as much as before. Will I probably have some loose skin when I compete? Yup and I’m cool with that.

Something I found helpful:
Focus on your core throughout your training. I’m still repairing ab separation from my pregnancy with Harper so I don’t do traditional ab exercises. They hurt like hell. I don’t do crunches and sit-ups are just now becoming tolerable. When you’re running (or whatever exercise you love) engage your core. Pull that belly button in! I find that I work my core the most on leg and back days. Get up! Engage your core and do 10 squats or lunges. Your abs will feel it.

Ass. Sorry! I can’t help it! Y’all know that I’ve been working on building a booty. I started lifting heavier on leg days and focused more on my hamstrings. They make all of the difference. Trust me.

Something that I have learned in the last few weeks:
I really, really, really suck at taking selfies and I find it awkward for Mike to take my picture for challenges. Its weird. In my head it sounds like, “Hey Babe. I need you to take a picture of my butt for the internet again. Thanks!”.

I’m off to look for a tripod and remote.



11 thoughts on “More Half-Nekkid Photos, Earl? {Fitness Update}

  1. Christen P says:

    Hahaha…”I need you take a pic of my butt for the internet again.” LOVE IT!

    I can see a big difference in your pics! Did it really only take a few weeks? I need to get on the ball with this myself. Should go take some half nekkid selfies too!

  2. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:

    You should really be so proud of yourself. You look strong, and just fabulous. Things are really tightening up, and I love that you mention the fact that you can work on engaging your core without doing the regular abs-stuff. And I think that you will find it really improves your running as well–you will carry you weight more efficiently, and will get fatigued at a slower rate, or when you do get fatigued in your legs, really engage your core, and that will help carry you through to the end! Great job!

  3. Earl-Leigh says:

    It did! I eat clean about 80% of the time, do some cardio (about 30-45 minutes x 5 days a week) and lift heavy. I'm sure that if I limited my wine and ice cream intake the results would've been even better. Ha! 😉

    Go take those selfies! They're one of the best ways to track progress.

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