My Life Lately: Glitter

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that my mind is already on Christmas. You think that holy and jolly have blown up your Pinterest timeline? I’m just getting started!

The coming months are crazy around here due to the holidays, Harper’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. Oh, and Mike’s birthday too. I didn’t forget you honey! LOL 😉  Because we have three major events taking place in December alone (and Trader Joe’s doesn’t make enough two buck chuck to ease my stress), I have already started planing and crafting. Yes, it is truly Christmas in July at my place.

I’m sure that my husband is ready to runaway from home. There is not one room that isn’t frosted with silver glitter. That shit travels. I have learned that if you wash something that falls victim to sparkle…you end up with clean glitter. That stuff doesn’t want to leave when you’re done with it. Harper thinks that the floors look “pwetty” now. That’s a win!

I have been hitting the gym harder than ever because… ice cream. Duh! I’m going to blame my overindulgence on the fact that I’ve been celebrating National Ice Cream Day for two weeks now. Blue Bell knows the way to my heart and the weigh to my butt too.


21 thoughts on “My Life Lately: Glitter

  1. Devon says:

    UGH! I don't want to think about Christmas yet! I like my warm weather. I really need to hit the gym nowadays. I stopped bfing my son (he does way better on formula with his acid reflux) so now I want to continue my weight loss.

  2. Earl-Leigh says:

    Haha! My poor husband cringes when he hears “Chr-” leave my mouth now. Go ahead and start your fitness journey today. You can make Christmas dinner in your bikini 😉

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