Baby Delts, Please Grow

Do you have a memory that just flashes through randomly? For me, its prom dress shopping at a local boutique my junior year of high school. I was so excited. My mom was looking at the pearl jewelry (duh, South Carolina) while I looked for the perfect dress upstairs. I took one option into the dressing room and when the owner came in to zip me up, I was devastated. “You have really broad shoulders.” This was during a time when I was eating disordered and hypercritical of myself, so I felt like I had been punched in the gut. We decided on a strapless dress…and a wrap to mask my shoulders.

Fast forward to now and I’m proud to rock my wide shoulders/back. Why? They’re mine and they aren’t going anywhere. Because of my goal to compete next year, I’ve been working on building boulder shoulders and a wider back. The wider the back, the smaller your waist appears. Hallelujah!

Lawd! Check out the shoulders on Jamie Eason Middleton! Even if you don’t favor this type of physique, you have to admire the drive she has to mold herself. This is what I’m working towards.

I wanted to share some of my favorite shoulder workouts with y’all that are great for beginners to experts.

You could easily do these with resistance bands. has a huge exercise guide with videos to help you with form. This is a small muscle group, use lighter weights. And remember, I’m not a personal trainer or certified in anything but my own opinion. Ha! These are notes straight from my training diary. If you attempt any of these exercises and feel pain or extreme discomfort, stop.

I found a picture of me from prom that year but I’m turned to the side. Thanks to people posting “throwback Thursday” pictures on Facebook, I have a photo taken a couple months before my prom dress fiasco.

Earl-Leigh Designs

I’m such a linebacker. LOL.

When was the last time a negative turned into a positive for you?


14 thoughts on “Baby Delts, Please Grow

  1. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:

    Great pic, what whhhhhaaaat (you know that is what you are saying in the picture, and that after that you closed your mouth and pursed your lips. Or maybe that is just what I do). I totally grew shoulders, boobs, and booty before ANY thing else. And now, even post-Crohns, I still very wide shoulders for my size. But yeah, I never thought that I would ever wear a strapless dress in my life because it would be all horizontal lines. But I honestly love working out my shoulders–it is a muscle group that for whatever reason I find really beautiful.

  2. Carla Bruns says:

    It's a shame that someone said that to you. I do have broad shoulders and have even had comments about it but it's always been my favorite body part to work and have pop. I just think it looks nice.

    When I was 10 a women at a local store (she was the owner) called me homely. I can't even remember the context but I was very well read and knew exactly what that meant. My mom went up there when I wasn't paying attention and had some words with her. I'm pretty sure the woman was afraid to even look at me after that.

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