Struggle Bus: {Fall Goals and Follow-Up}

In addition to the goals I set at the beginning of the year, I’m adding in these new ones because they work well with what I’m supposed to be doing anyway. 

Revisiting goals set earlier in the year:

Blogging- I’m still working on my blog redesign.Yup. There’s that and there goes my hair….as i pull it out. Ugh! I’m right on the edge of paying someone to do it for me. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I change my mind. A LOT. By forcing myself to figure out some light coding and design, I know that I’m giving myself more control. Lawd! It’s just daunting.

Color schemes, icons and infinite possibilities. I need to be more decisive and practical. I’m over here like, I’m going to have sequins and glitter in the background with a metallic rainbow hanging from a unicorn’s butt. Meanwhile, my drawing skills are limited. I’m trying to wiggle myself to the top of Mike’s freelance list so he can draw for me (hello, unicorn). He keeps pointing out the fact that his clients have money and we use that stuff for pesky things like food and rent.

I also need to do more…blogging. Ahem.

Nutrition and Fitness- I’ve been progressing nicely in the fitness category. Awesome.

Y’all know that I’ve had my fair share of drinks and cookies this year AND pumpkin season is just starting. Help. Me! I have been scouring Pinterest in order to find some healthier versions of my pumpkiny favorites. Otherwise, I’m going to add a helluva lot more cardio to my routine.

I hate cardio. I love pumpkins. All aboard the struggle bus.

Decorating-  I bought pillows for the living room, a new shower curtain, a mason jar soap dispenser and storage for under the bathroom sink. It’s the middle of August so I’m obviously failing at this goal. I bought all of those items in one shopping trip so its not even like I’ve been progressively working on beautifying my life. Too much Netflix after baby’s bedtime, not enough sewing. However, I recently finished watching Six Feet Under (Amazon Prime). OMG! I almost cried my face off. Must see!

Have you watched a series that just left you on the verge of needing therapy or a hug?

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17 thoughts on “Struggle Bus: {Fall Goals and Follow-Up}

  1. Kristen Kelly says:

    We are halfway through the last season of Six Feet Under too! I am going to be an emotional wreck going into this school year now! I think you blog is looking great! Would love to see more posts from you too! These are some great goals! Makes me think that I need to set some to keep me accountable when school starts…

  2. Amber Albright says:

    Love your Fall Goals! I love fall….but I'm right there on that struggle bus with you!!! Sometimes the Real Housewives shows leave me feeling like I need therapy. Mostly they just make me realize that MY life isn't that bad. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  3. A Haute Mommy says:

    Good luck on your goals. Pumpkin patches are fun! I've been going for about 5 years. The kids love it and I'm sure your daughter will as well as you. You just reminded me about holiday cards. I didn't even think about that and I need to do that because last year I dropped the ball and didn't get it done. As for blogging I'm trying to get back on it. The designing is a pain and since it's been so long since I've done the last one I'm stressing trying to update. I'm not paying anyone either simply because I don't want to spend that money when I can figure it out myself lol. I hope you can find some healthy pumpkin recipes. I have a lot but they are so fattening lol.

  4. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:

    Here you go: Pick up pumpkin, thrown it as far as possible, run after, repeat. By the end, you will have cardio accomplished as well as multiple smashed pumpkins! Just make sure that you have a cleanish surface. Unlike Amber, the Real Housewives just leave me convinced that they all need therapy. And more of it. Sherlock totally made me way too involved, and I know that it did for my husband–he literally can't sleep after.
    Want to redesign my blog? There are so many things that I would fix, but I just can't be bothered at the moment. Lazy bones right here. I love to use pumpkin, and I think that it is an amazing ingredient for healthy recipes. Check out my enchiladas from Thanksgiving last year (my recipe page on the blog) They are amazing. I'll try to get more of my pumpkin recipes up before long 😀

  5. Christen P says:

    Six Feet Under is my favorite series of ALL TIME!! I cried so much at the ending but through most of the show really LOL. That show was a masterpiece.

    Pumpkin Spice Latte. I cannot believe that season is already upon us. I love fall but saying goodbye to summer is sad.

    I think your blog looks so good. I can only imagine the redesign.

  6. Amber Vesey says:

    I am so SO happy I stumbled upon your blog from GGSA 🙂 First off, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND SO CRAFTY AND SASSY, I love it! There was no comment section on your about me, so I am leaving it here 🙂 Second, your daughter is just as radiant as you! Third, I LOVE PUMPKIN, I have a can kept cold in my fridge, ALL the time! As for healthy recipes, I've got a few simple staples, that don't lack flavor 🙂 Excited to keep up with your blog and your crafting! can't wait till the shop is open!

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