TIU Frisky Fall "Before" Pics {Nekkid Again, Sorry Mom}

Last week kicked off Tone It Up’s Frisky Fall Challenge!

Harper had what we thought was a cold, until the wheezing happened. A respiratory virus. Poor thing was out of it and still tried to be her cheerful, bouncy self. Except for when it was time for her breathing treatments. Yikes! That tiny girl can put up a fight. I was able to take some shoddy “before” pictures for the challenge while Mike distracted her for a few minutes. It’s amazing how soon in life we depend on mama to help us feel better!


I took a quick snapshot of my midsection the next morning to show y’all what I’m working with. Ha! Seriously, I wanted to show that I have all of the glorious marks of motherhood. Some women get the stripes and loose skin, some don’t. You can see that I fall into the last category. They don’t phase me…anymore. I won’t lie and say that I always wore them with pride. I didn’t. I hated them. Loved my daughter and had no regrets about having her. I was just not a fan of the way things shifted after having her. It wasn’t until I started lifting and regaining confidence in myself as a woman (not just a mom), that I noticed the stripes less. The loose skin started tightening up and now I only notice it when I’m leaning forward.

My goals throughout the Frisky Fall challenge are to:
Train my midsection- I hate, hate, hate doing ab work.
Continue my booty building.
Drink less alcohol- I’m not throwing them back every night but I discovered Moscow Mules. Heaven HELP ME that drink is too good. It’s refreshing, easy and inexpensive to make. Let’s not forgot to mention the seasonal drinks that I want to try like this Pumpkin Spice Margarita. Just pour it down my throat please and thank you.

Have you ever had a Moscow Mule? What’s your favorite cocktail/mocktail of the moment?

This post was fueled by H2O, shrimp with mixed veggies and Explosions In The Sky.

GIF’S 1/2

16 thoughts on “TIU Frisky Fall "Before" Pics {Nekkid Again, Sorry Mom}

  1. Barb says:

    Good luck with your challenge! I'm in the end stages of trying to peel off some pounds. I'm a tad older than you and believe me–it gets tougher as you get older! But I'm making progress-it takes work and commitment but it's worth it! Stay the course!

  2. Rebecca Jo says:

    You're going to do great at the challenge.
    Drink of the moment? Water… exciting stuff 🙂 haha … I don't drink. I'd be in a coma if I did… it doesn't settle well with me 🙂

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