Popcorn, Fire and Ledbetter

Halloween is quickly approaching so that means the Frisky Fall Challenge will be coming to a close soon. I decided to start bulking a few weeks ago but I’m still participating in the challenge because the women in the Tone It Up (TIU) community are just so encouraging!

This is what I imagine TIU girls to look like when people post progress pictures. Its what I do. I love to see the excitement on someone’s face when they’re meeting goals or excelling! For people who seem unsure or disappointed, please know that I’m going to let you know how awesome you are for working on YOU. That goes for any facet of life.

Yesterday at work, someone in the building overcooked a bag of popcorn. That happens everyday, right? Around these parts, it is apparently proper protocol to have the fire department show up. During the “this is not a drill” announcement, I did the only thing a lady in bulking would do. I grabbed my gym bag and saved my lunch.

Thankfully, the building did not burn down because my headband from Ledbetter was delivered soon after we were allowed to reenter.

I love the company’s mission to “Live, Love, and Learn Every Day Better through Body, Mind and Soul”. Remember my ultimate goal of creating a life that I love? Their mission plays into that. I’ll post a review on the headband soon. Yes, I would have saved it from the flames too.

What is the most dramatic thing you’ve seen or done lately?

This post was fueled by last night’s Chinese takeout, water and my 90’s Christmas Music station on Pandora.


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