Elephants, Croup & Halloween

I don’t have my glasses today so typing this post is going to be interesting. You’ve been warned. We took Harper to Boo at the Zoo on Friday night as our first Halloween event this year and had a blast until we ended up at the after hours clinic.

Boo at the Zoo via Earl-Leigh Designs

Tons of Fun via Earl-Leigh Designs

Originally, I was going to make Harper an Itsy Bitsy Spider costume because she’s obsessed with that song. We had planned to attend an event happening on Saturday, until Mike realized that he was one of the vendors at a local comic book shop’s event during the same time frame. The life of an artist’s wife involves a lot of rescheduling and rethinking. We decided to take her to Boo at the Zoo on Friday night, which did not leave me enough time to complete her Itsy Bitsy costume…so Amazon to the rescue. I love Amazon Prime.

Boo at the Zoo via Earl-Leigh Designs

Harper loves “elf-phants” so she was tickled to pieces that she got to dress up as one. I bought a canvas bag and added a little personal touch with “Tons of Fun” in glitter across the front because glitter is always appropriate. I’m going to add some peanuts to the front before Halloween.

Boo at the Zoo via Earl-Leigh Designs

Sorry to switch up the picture formatting on y’all but I had to show Harper’s first experience with trick or treating. She liked getting candy and other goodies but didn’t get why we kept telling her to say “trick or treat”. We had a great time looking at the animals, getting free stuff and dancing. There was even a foam pit…that I have mixed feelings about. Foam seems like an 18 and up type activity but maybe that’s just me. Haha!

I had to drag my poor little elephant off the dance floor because she just didn’t seem like her normal bouncy self. She was still trying to get her boogie on!  As we headed away from the music and squealing kiddos, I noticed some slight wheezing. We called the on-call nurse at the pediatrician’s office and were directed to take her to an after hours clinic. Croup. Friday morning she was fine, she had a little cough but that’s it. Because Harper was a preemie she’s more susceptible to respiratory issues and the doctor thinks that being at the zoo set her over the edge.

Boo at the Zoo via Earl-Leigh Designs

She’s back to dancing wildly and singing her heart out now. Thank goodness! She’s feeling better and I can stop silently freaking out.

This mom shit stuff is stressful.

Do you have any plans for Halloween?
What costumes are you working on?

This post was fueled by Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Passion Pit and the anticipation of training shoulders today!


6 thoughts on “Elephants, Croup & Halloween

  1. Kristen Kelly says:

    She makes such a cute Elf-phant! Glitter is definitely a necessity! Patrick is Daniel Tiger this year. Amazon (and everywhere else) sold out of the costume, so I ended up having to DIY it. Glad Harper feels better!

  2. Earl-Leigh says:

    Thank you, Mary! A part of me was doing a happy dance because I didn't make a costume but another part of me is sad also. It's a fun thing to do for your kid. I had to tell myself that I'm not lesser than because I didn't make an elaborate costume for her!

  3. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:

    Aw, poor Harper! But it won't be the last time that a wild and crazy night of boogying leads to a less-than-great next day…. And bonus, she is freaking ADORABLE. I'm glad she's feeling better, poor elf-phant!

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