Frisky Fall Update and A Sweet Treat

I try my best to not spam y’all with progress pictures because that could be obnoxious. With that being said, let the spam commence. Ha!

I was challenged by a fellow TIU beach babe (we call ourselves beach babes fondly, not cockily) to complete the daily fitness post from FitMiss yesterday. I love any reason to pull out my hot pink yoga mat and kettlebell so I was all “challenge accepted” when she tagged me.

 Knowing that I had someone out there holding me accountable gave me an extra push because I was tired and sore after my shoulder and calves training session. My pompadour, sadly, did not make it.

That’s one sad looking poof and I used half a pack of bobby pins on that one section of hair. Not really, but dang near close. Because I’m in fit girl happyland aka “bulk city”…that’s what I call it anyway…I decided to treat myself for working so hard.

I received the following product complimentary (that means for FREE and y’all know I love free) from Influenster for testing purposes only. All opinions are my own. Now that the legal biz is taken care of let’s back to the tasty treat I had.

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa! Yes, I drink hot chocolate and I mean real hot chocolate. When my Influenster box arrived, this packet of chocolaty goodness (the hot chocolate…not me…HA) was probably the first thing I noticed. By probably, I mean definitely. Mike was more excited than I was because I’ve been talking about hot chocolate for as long as I’ve been talking about pumpkin. I think he was under the impression that I would stop talking about it once I had a hot cup of cocoa in my hands. No, sir!

What is Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa?! I’m glad you asked! It’s their new cocoa mix that only has 5 ingredients- cocoa (duh), nonfat milk, sugar, salt and natural flavor. Less “stuff” than traditional hot chocolate mixes but still with a rich chocolate flavor. Delicious!

Do you use your “good” housewares on a regular basis?
Are you a hot chocolate or apple cider person?

This post was fueled by water, pasta and the impending doom of cardio.


20 thoughts on “Frisky Fall Update and A Sweet Treat

  1. Earl-Leigh says:

    You would be amazed at how many people decide to pick a warm drink team. Mike will not drink hot apple cider. Sometimes, I just don't understand him at all.

    And thank you!

  2. Laura H says:

    Definitely love me hot cocoa and will try the Swiss Miss! The only time I have warm apple cider is when I annually go to New York for my December weekend and wander around the outside craft show down in SoHo. They do have the best apple cider and gingerbread cookies! Gonna miss it this year and don't want to ruin the memory with other drinks!

  3. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets says:

    I haven't had hot cocoa in the longest! My teacher in elementary school used to offer us “hot pot” for 25 cents, and we all felt special with our mugs of hot chocolate. I like Swiss Miss, nice to see that they have a healthier blend! 🙂 #wowlinkup

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