WOW and The Ultimate Turkey Chili

When I picked up my phone this morning, I got a pretty awesome surprise! I’m the featured blogger for the Workout Wednesday Link Up (#WOWLinkUp) this week! YES.

Last Friday, I went to the “healthy” restaurant on campus to grab lunch because I did not have anything prepped. Big mistake. I have eaten at said restaurant on numerous occasions and have had the same meal. Whoever was working that day, needs to go back to their normal job because I was sick for days. I’m not going to get into details but it was rough. I did some light cardio over the weekend but not enough to overly exert myself.
The temperature finally dipped in South Carolina over the weekend so I made a batch of Jamie Eason’s Three Bean Turkey ChiliΒ on Sunday. I found this recipe on when I was doing her Live Fit program during the 100K Transformation Challenge and we loved it! The dish is easy to prepare, relatively inexpensive to make and full of flavor. Jamie (yeah, we’re friends in my head) is a Texan so her recipes are about health and taste.
The chili makes 12 servings and the breakdown of calories and macros are: 196 calories, 1 g fat, 20 g carbs, 24 g of muscle building protein.
Now that I’m back in good health, I’m excited for the week and the training schedule I have laid out. I plan to increase my weights today for back and biceps because I’m getting stronger.

I was tagged by Kristen last night to post “what I’m doing now” while I was leaving the gym. Look at the Fall sky, y’all! That is God and all of his glory right there! I had a trying day at the office, a pretty good workout and walked out to THAT. My day/night got even better from there! We didn’t do anything special but a random trip to the comic book shop on a weekday was a needed treat.

Two gratuitous photos from the gym last night. I did steady-state cardio on the stairmaster because I don’t believe in only doing HIIT. I like to warm-up in the 60-90 step range. And yes, I’m still wearing makeup. I know, I know! One of these days I’m going to live my life right.

What is your favorite, simple Fall meal?

This post was fueled by coffee, pumpkin yogurt with granola and Frank Sinatra Christmas tunes.

Thanks to Michelle (awesome co-worker…the only one I speak to before coffee) I’m signed up to participate in the 100 Happy Days challenge because some days I need a reminder. I’m committed to posting a picture of something that makes me happy everyday…for 100 days! I chose Instagram as my platform of choice, duh, so you’ll find the pictures there. Read more about 100 Happy DaysΒ to see if it is something you would like to be a part of.


30 thoughts on “WOW and The Ultimate Turkey Chili

  1. Corina Ramos says:

    I love making chili during the cold months. We're expecting a cold front and now I have an idea for dinner :). Good for you that you got in a workout. I didn't get one yesterday but I'll definitely hit the treadmill today for sure! Love the pic…that is some view. God is truly amazing, isn't he! Have a great day!

  2. Meagan says:

    Soup! Any kind of soup. Fall is my total excuse to make big pots of soup (zuppa Toscana, minestrone, chili, tortilla) I am an equal opportunist. Keep up the good work at the gym!

  3. Heather Heinlein says:

    My fave fall meal is my grandmother's brunswick stew…which of course I make lighter by using deer or turkey instead of beef and frozen veggies instead of canned…oooh now I am hungry πŸ™‚ #wowlinkup

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