Negativity, Bodybuilding & a Puff

I will never understand why some people feel compelled to undermine or criticize another person’s lifestyle choices. A YouTube vlogger that I follow posted pictures from her first bikini competition on her Facebook page this weekend and I was left shocked by some of the comments. She wears her hair in all of its natural glory (no chemical straightening treatments) and in the past that is what she mostly vlogged about. As with most people, her interests started branching into other things… for her its fitness and competing. Ā (She’s even a certified personal trainer now! Yay for her!) At the competition, she chose to wear a straight wig…on the head…that is connected to her person. There was a good amount of cheering from followers but the jeers were just nasty and uncalled for.
Just because a person chooses to do something out of their norm or Heaven forbid…the opposite of what you would do…it never gives you the right to call them a “sellout”, “stereotype” or anything else derogatory. If seeing another person working towards their goals brings out the venom in you, it’s time for some deep self-reflection. I’m just sayin’.
On a lighter note, I know who I want to train me and I’m emailing her today! Cross your fingers and toes, please!

Does the fear of potentially negative feedback ever stop you from posting to social media?

This post was fueled by a free coffee from Brugger’s and Foo Fighters.


15 thoughts on “Negativity, Bodybuilding & a Puff

  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    Sadly – yes… negative comments mess me up – which is so stupid.
    I need more of the attitude of 'whatever' & not have fear of what anyone thinks…
    Glad you've reached out to someone you've decided on – good luck!

  2. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:

    At the end of the day, people are going to rain on any parade they can, just because they can. And because they have nothing better to do with their lives. Negative comments give me pause, they might even haunt me a little bit. But because I am at a place in my life where I know that I am on the good path, I silently give them the middle finger and go do whatever I was going to do anyway.
    You look awesome, btw.

  3. Femme Fitale Fit Club says:

    PREACH!!! Earl-Leigh. I know the vlogger you are talking about and she looks great and it is amazing she shared her journey with us!!! Bump the naysayers…they can't even get a role in my movie. Keep up the great work with your workouts!!! #wowlinkup

  4. Heather Heinlein says:

    That quote is fabulous. I have found that since I started blogging that I have learned to be more open. People aren't going to read and follow you if you aren't being yourself. Great read! #wowlinkup

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