He Put a Ring On It {Five Years}

The husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage this past weekend! Woohoo!

We woke up to a car that wouldn’t start (AGAIN) on Thursday morning so I just knew that we weren’t going to do anything. Mostly because Mike was fuming about the cost of repairs and getting a new SUV. Haha! My plan was to surprise him with pizza from our favorite place and beer. I’m so classy. Seriously though, Dano’s has the best pizza in Columbia and we don’t get it often.

Mike called me from the gym to let me know that his mom was going to watch Harper so we could get dinner! Talk about being surprised. We love a local eatery, Cafe Strudel, for the brunch menu and never tried their dinner before so he wanted to take me there. The only problem was that I looked like

We spent an hour getting Harper, Shira (our westie) and myself ready for the evening.

People rave about how good the Duck Fries are at Cafe Strudel. I’m not a fry person and I thought that it was a random item to have on their menu. Who the hell wants to eat fries and then move onto a seafood mac and cheese? I did it. Mike was so excited to try the damn fries he talked about them the entire drive over (in a rental because our car was still broken).

One glance at the Duck Fry description made me slightly intrigued. They are tossed in duck fat and truffle oil and served with an aioli. Fattening? Yes, but I was already one Texas Mule in and impatiently awaiting my mac and cheese.

Everything was delicious.

The day before our wedding and we looked like babies.

Tequila in wine glasses? Why not?

This post was fueled by coffee and the anticipation of inhaling a pomegranate.

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15 thoughts on “He Put a Ring On It {Five Years}

  1. Susie @ Suzlyfe says:

    Happy five years to you and the hubs my dear! That is so exciting, and honestly, as much a milestone as any other in this day and age and with a full life and child. And I feel like you looked hot in your gym attire and sweatyness.
    I can say that duck fat fries, done properly, are amazeballs. There is a place in Chicago that does them and errrrmmiiigggerd. And tequila in wine glasses is just klassy. Ain't nothin wrong with that! Cheers to many more great years, a better working car, and the health and happiness of all!

  2. Earl-Leigh says:

    Thank you! I want one of those marriages where you're together for 40+ years. Ya know? I'm already practicing my old lady voice to get him prepared. Haha!

    I'm going to tell my mother you said! She was not pleased with her tequila drinking, Vans wearing daughter that night. šŸ˜‰

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