Nutritional Styles and Relaxation

I am all over the place lately. It has gotten to a point where I don’t remember what life before the frenzy felt like. We went from Thanksgiving to Harper’s birthday to our anniversary to Christmas preparations and this year I threw in the stockings for NICU parents.

I choose to do all of these things in my own enthusiastic fashion because I love to see people smile. The added stress of work and what I’m going to do next is what has me worn out. Because my main goal is to create a life that I love, I have a lot of scary decisions to make.

Thankfully, I have a small break coming up so I can take a few days to breathe and work on an action plan.

Discover Your Nutritional Style

One of the main things I’d like to do for myself during my vacation is read “Discover Your Nutritional Style” by Holli Thompson. I have already taken a peek through the first two chapters and I love that she recognizes the individual. While I don’t take anything one person says as “Bible” or the whole truth because we’re all different, I don’t like to keep myself in a box. We can all learn a little something from everyone. Good grief, I sound skeptical. I’m not, I promise. Haha!

This post was fueled by fumes. I gotta head to Starbucks!


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