More Daycare Germs

When I clocked out at 4:30 last Friday for the last time in 2015, I was feeling pretty good. Then I got the phone call from Mike. He knows my gym schedule and would never call me during cardio unless it was something important. Harper had another stomach virus. At the time we didn’t dare call it a stomach virus because we didnt want to “speak it into existence”. I spent all of Friday night cleaning up after the poor thing until she went to bed. Saturday was pretty smooth, Harper’s appetite was back and she was bouncing around. Phew! Her PM snack at daycare just didn’t agree with her stomach.

We went to go look at cars and visited Saulda Shoals’ annual light show. (pictures to come)

I woke up Sunday morning like “this is it”. I wanted Mike to promise that he wouldn’t let Harper hate Christmas like the girl from “Gremlins”. Dramatic? Maybe, but I felt horrible. My one regret is letting her see me in that state because in all seriousness my family was thisclose to taking me to the ER. She kept calling for me so Mike talked me into resting in the living room. Big mistake.

Tears. “Mommy, you otay?” And more tears.

I left the room until I was more presentable. I’m almost fully recovered and ready for some Christmas dinner! Assuming that Mike isn’t sick by then, in which case we will eat sandwiches! Ha!

This post was fueled by my iPad so whoops for any misspelled words.


12 thoughts on “More Daycare Germs

  1. Erin says:

    Oh my gosh this had me laughing! Speak it into existence! I know that feeling. Hope Harper is feeling better. Poor sweet thing. My daughter started puking today too, but for her it likely isn't germs, just a sensitive stomach.

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