My Hopes for Health {Letter}

I’ve never been one to do the letter to my kid thing but watching her develop into this tiny, fierce person made me change my mind.


You came into this world too soon for the comfort of my medical practitioners and me too…let’s be real. I was not ready! Your room was still unprepared and I didn’t have a bag packed. I gave birth in pig tails for goodness sake!  My first visual of you in this world, was of your tiny fists (big feet) and “this displeases me greatly” face. A facial expression that I’ve grown accustomed to seeing now that you’re two. Haha! The nurses in the NICU called you a troublemaker and kicked you out after two weeks. Who pulls out their oxygen tubes, feeding tubes and removes heart monitoring devices?! You wanted us to know that you didn’t need them and you were right.

Fast forward to now and I have a toddler who tells me that her jacket is “uncomfortable” and that “it time to do yota {yoga}”. You love to work on your handstands and are better at popping into a “crow pose” than I am! I pray that you always have the desire to be your authentic self. You are vibrant, daring, intelligent and beautiful.

While I hope you have a life filled with love, awesome experiences and success…the thing I want most for you is health. I want the disordered eating to end with me. I will always do my best to shield you from one of the most impressionable factors in your life…me. I have found a love for this body that I once hated. Instead of pinching and poking at myself in the mirror, I flex and we flex together. Your dad thinks I’m turning you into a baby douchebag. He’s jealous. We use positive language when we talk about our bodies. Strong legs and a big heart will carry you far in life.

Take charge of your life and do great things. Be brave, darling!


17 thoughts on “My Hopes for Health {Letter}

  1. Jennifer Corter says:

    I am totally loving this post. It is beautiful. I am so glad that you have made peace with your body. When I was a teenager, I had a similar problem, too. Once I had my son, I realized that our kids pick up on everything we do and say, and that if I want him to have good self-esteem, I have to, as well. It can still be pretty hard some days. But as long as we continue to look towards the future of our children, we can get through those bad days. I love that your daughter calls yoga “yota.” So cute! 🙂

  2. Earl-Leigh says:

    Thank you! It makes me smile every time she says it! Haha! It's so true that they mimic your behaviors. I've never been more conscious of the things I say or do since becoming a mom.

  3. Janell O'Loughlin says:

    I truly love this idea. I thought that I would write and keep up my journal while I was pregnant, and I really wish that I would have. It's such a beautiful way to connect and relish our time with them!

  4. Susie Suzlyfe says:

    I can't believe that this was up and I didn't know it. This is beautiful, and just like you–fierce, truthful, and hilarious. Harper has no choice but to be amazing–it is built within her!. I know what you mean about wanting your daughter to have that fight in her, but also to be gentle–especially to herself. I as well have learned to love the body that I have in a new way, to fight for it, and not to fight it itself. Baby Harper, you are a lucky little lady to have a mom like this.

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