Peaches, Ice Cream & Bikinis {July 4th}

We had a fun-filled 4th of July weekend! After a couple days of moving furniture out and around, the local July 4th Peach Festival was greatly needed. Mike has lived in Columbia longer than I have so he went to the festival once before and described it as a “drag”. His lack of enthusiam did not deter mine. We packed up a diaper bag, Harper’s cute new umbrella stroller and hit the road. 
“Diet be damned” is what they should call it next year. We had peach cobbler, slushies and ice cream. There were many other peachy goodies to test out but we try to be conservative when we can. Ha! 

Mike wasn’t getting to the ice cream fast enough for Harper. She grabbed onto the stroller and started pushing while screaming “EAT, EAT” at anyone who dared to be in line ahead of us. No ankles were harmed…thankfully.

Mikey got the first taste and most definitely approved. There were chunks of peaches. Drool.

After the festival, we dropped Harper off with her grandma for the night because it was our friend’s birthday celebration. Her husband rented a huge 13ft slip ‘n slide. I’ve never seen so many grown men regress to age 12 at one time. Because we were out so late at the festival, Mike and I got to their house about 20 minutes before the rental company came to deflate the slide. He made every minute count.

While it looked like fun, yours truly did not indulge. My new bikini top did not support that type of activity.

Oh well, someone has to play photographer.

Was your weekend action packed or chill?! Let’s dish.


Suns Out, Fros Out {Fitness}

Confession time! I only do about 90 minutes worth of cardio a week because…i cant stand it. I know, I know! I’d rather lift weights so running/spinning/allofthat is like pulling teeth for me. However, I need to get my rear into gear because I signed up for a Tough Mudder race and don’t want to die. They call it the “toughest event on  the planet”.

Why, Earl? Why?

You may be thinking to yourself, “if you aren’t the biggest fan of cardio, why did you sign up for a race?”. Valid question. The answer in one word…wine. Everything sounds like a great idea after a glass or two (or three).

Sure why not? I could totally see myself running through and jumping over flames. AND I get to do that before throwing myself into iced water. That sounds like a WONDERFUL time. I haven’t had a sip of vino since then. I’m really hoping the ‘fro doesn’t get singed. Heaven help me!

Yesterday, I got all geared up to go the gym and hit up the dreadmill or elliptical. I was like the Little Earl-Leigh That Could. I KNOW I can. Fail number one: the only machines available were stairmonsters. Fail number two: I wore my fro out at work and forgot to pack a headband. *sigh* I hustled my booty over to one of those dang machines and got my climb on. Diana Ross style. I’m sure that people were looking at the nut with her hair out. Ha!

Y’all…I did it. Last night I pulled the trigger and posted the dreaded bikini pictures on my bodyspace account. Now the anxiety is gone. I can continue on with the 100k Challenge without the fear of some pictures looming over me. You can’t hide behind a bathing suit (trust me, I tried), so I understand why the shots are highly suggested. You can see the photos here if you’re curious. I wont subject y’all to my nekkid self here! Ha!