Harper’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Harper’s 2nd birthday on Saturday and boy did I eat my face off! I wanted a more scaled down event as compared to her 1st birthday. I did not want to cook for 50 people this time! We had a family only shindig with the grandparents, aunts, one cousin and Michelle with her two kiddos!

Because we had a smaller party and I wanted to keep it casual, chicken and waffles were on the menu. Michelle brought her awesome sausage dip and a fiesta ranch dip that I love! I was busy in the kitchen so I have zero pictures. I know! Bad blogger. I’m going to just ask everyone to forward pictures that they took of Harper’s Pokemon party. Yes, my little girl likes Pokemon and Togepi is her favorite. Ha! We aren’t raising her to think she can only like “pink and frilly” and that drives her traditional grandparents nuts.

Michelle was able to capture a picture before Harper (with some assistance) cut her cake. She didn’t want to sit still so her body is blurry. Half of our pictures look like this now! Ha!

Mike and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this Friday so I’m going to need to really keep my nutrition in check until then. I want to indulge a little that night. Moderation.

Are you able to stop and capture the moment?
What’s your go-to dinner party appetizer?

This post was fueled by Starbucks, The Neighbourhood and a ham & cheese sandwich. Fancy! 😉

Cheating & Birthday Celebrations

The past week and a half has been a little rocky. The car died three times. Three. Mike and I were planning to head to Asheville this past weekend to celebrate his birthday but mechanics pretty much gobbled up those funds. While we didn’t get to have the romantic weekend away we wanted, we had a great time locally.


Mike dropped Harper off at daycare bright and early, Friday morning before he went to the gym. I got to sleep in. By sleep-in, I mean I watched Netflix ALONE. Total remote control! My dear husband was supposed to call me on his way home from the gym so that I could shower and start getting ready. Two minutes before he walked in the door I got the phone call. Men.

After we got dressed, we went to one of our favorite places to brunch. Cafe Strudel. They have the BEST breakfast food in town and customer service is always on point. We were both starving so I don’t have pictures of my fluffy cinnamon pancakes. I know, I know! Bad blogger.

We then went to the museum to walk off some of the calories and he’s an artist so that worked. I tried getting pictures for y’all but Mr. Artist said that I would look uncultured. Cue eye roll. There was a display of statue heads, not full busts, just heads. I thought it would be fun to hide my body behind the display and just have my head poked out. I wasn’t going to touch anything! After an hour of him being a killjoy, we went to go watch Gone Girl.

OMG! That movie was intense. Harper’s godmother brought the book for me to read when I was on bed rest in the hospital and I never finished it. Real talk, I only got to the second chapter because it freaked me out. I’m going to give the book another chance now.

The rest of our weekend was filled with food, “glorious food”. I’m doing a mini bulk to build up muscle so that helps. Right?! Ha!

Mango Smoothie

This delicious mango smoothie (made by yours truly) was one of the few healthy choices we made. I love fall but sometimes I need to have a tropical drink. Mangoes are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. We all need fiber. 😉

Cheats on Cheats on Cheats via Earl-Leigh Designs

Harper, Elmo and I took Mike out for birthday ice cream. He got some chocolate peanut butter concoction while Harper and I split a “Pumpkin Pie In The Sky”. It was the perfect amount of pumpkin, graham cracker and caramel. You could taste the pumpkin without it being too sweet. Some restaurants have been adding too many sweeteners to their pumpkin items this year. We then dropped Harper off at her grandma’s house so that Mike and I could go out to dinner.

Cheats on Cheats on Cheats via Earl-Leigh Designs

In the battle between these two seasonal beers: I would declare my Red Hook Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter the winner. I have a post coming up this week with the yummy details. I’m doing all of this taste testing for y’all. How else would you know which drinks to serve this fall? You’re welcome.

Cheats on Cheats on Cheats via Earl-Leigh Designs

Shrimp and grits. Nuff said. He got filet mignon with shrimp and mashed potatoes. It just looked like a hunk of meat in my opinion so I’m not posting that.

Do you celebrate birthdays the “healthy way” or do you go all out?

This post was fueled by Starbucks (duh), cinnamon waffles & post leg day struggles.


Peaches, Ice Cream & Bikinis {July 4th}

We had a fun-filled 4th of July weekend! After a couple days of moving furniture out and around, the local July 4th Peach Festival was greatly needed. Mike has lived in Columbia longer than I have so he went to the festival once before and described it as a “drag”. His lack of enthusiam did not deter mine. We packed up a diaper bag, Harper’s cute new umbrella stroller and hit the road. 
“Diet be damned” is what they should call it next year. We had peach cobbler, slushies and ice cream. There were many other peachy goodies to test out but we try to be conservative when we can. Ha! 

Mike wasn’t getting to the ice cream fast enough for Harper. She grabbed onto the stroller and started pushing while screaming “EAT, EAT” at anyone who dared to be in line ahead of us. No ankles were harmed…thankfully.

Mikey got the first taste and most definitely approved. There were chunks of peaches. Drool.

After the festival, we dropped Harper off with her grandma for the night because it was our friend’s birthday celebration. Her husband rented a huge 13ft slip ‘n slide. I’ve never seen so many grown men regress to age 12 at one time. Because we were out so late at the festival, Mike and I got to their house about 20 minutes before the rental company came to deflate the slide. He made every minute count.

While it looked like fun, yours truly did not indulge. My new bikini top did not support that type of activity.

Oh well, someone has to play photographer.

Was your weekend action packed or chill?! Let’s dish.