No Stranger Danger {Fitness and Support From Family}

The battery in our scale decided to die. Boo! While I don’t go by what’s on the scale, I do like to keep myself accountable to y’all and my bodyspacers out there.

I’m not the biggest fan of the scale we have anyway so I would love a new. Our current scale monitors body fat and has other features I know nothing about because I’ve never used them. I just want an old fashioned, step on and see your weight type of scale. Nothing fancy. Body fat, water retention, favorite color and the like are not features i’m interested.

We’re closing out week 8 of the 100k Transformation Challenge on and I have some really stiff competition! That’s awesome! It’s incredible to witness lives changing week after week! I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Bodyspace community!

Throughout the challenge, we get mini challenges emailed in our weekly newsletter every Monday. I’ve done a couple of them but have been hesitant to fully participate because they always involve social media. Here’s my hangup…I don’t really involve friends and family in my journey. It’s easier for me to tweet a pic or post to Bodyspace for strangers than upload to Facebook. A part of me is afraid to seem like a show-off. Even though I know that I have months on months on months to get to where I need to be for my ultimate goal, I don’t want someone whose goal is close to where I am now to feel bad. I’m working on the those hang-ups because…

My ultimate goal is to get stage ready! I have a lot of work ahead of me and I’m going to need all of the support I can get.

Because my birthday is at the end of the month and the support from y’all has been incredible, I have something special planned. Small but fun so don’t go thinking you’re getting an iPad! Ha! That would be pretty awesome though!

What do y’all think? Would you open up (to an extent) on your personal Facebook page?


Suns Out, Fros Out {Fitness}

Confession time! I only do about 90 minutes worth of cardio a week because…i cant stand it. I know, I know! I’d rather lift weights so running/spinning/allofthat is like pulling teeth for me. However, I need to get my rear into gear because I signed up for a Tough Mudder race and don’t want to die. They call it the “toughest event on  the planet”.

Why, Earl? Why?

You may be thinking to yourself, “if you aren’t the biggest fan of cardio, why did you sign up for a race?”. Valid question. The answer in one word…wine. Everything sounds like a great idea after a glass or two (or three).

Sure why not? I could totally see myself running through and jumping over flames. AND I get to do that before throwing myself into iced water. That sounds like a WONDERFUL time. I haven’t had a sip of vino since then. I’m really hoping the ‘fro doesn’t get singed. Heaven help me!

Yesterday, I got all geared up to go the gym and hit up the dreadmill or elliptical. I was like the Little Earl-Leigh That Could. I KNOW I can. Fail number one: the only machines available were stairmonsters. Fail number two: I wore my fro out at work and forgot to pack a headband. *sigh* I hustled my booty over to one of those dang machines and got my climb on. Diana Ross style. I’m sure that people were looking at the nut with her hair out. Ha!

Y’all…I did it. Last night I pulled the trigger and posted the dreaded bikini pictures on my bodyspace account. Now the anxiety is gone. I can continue on with the 100k Challenge without the fear of some pictures looming over me. You can’t hide behind a bathing suit (trust me, I tried), so I understand why the shots are highly suggested. You can see the photos here if you’re curious. I wont subject y’all to my nekkid self here! Ha!


Biceps, Macros and A Whole Lotta Boobage

 photo earlfitnessupdate.jpg

Thank you for supporting my right to flex on my last fitness update. Ha! 
In case y’all didn’t know, the struggle is REAL when it comes to me turning down something that is sweet, carby goodness. Even when I was torturing my body through disordered eating…I LOVED sweets. 
Because focusing on good nutrition is one of my goals, I have cut back on the amount of cheats I give myself. Let’s be real…my cheat meals were cheat days. Friday through Sunday I would eat whatever the hell I wanted because Monday through Thursday I was good. My body wasn’t responding well to that.
Now that I’m counting my macros (Fat/Protein/Carbs) I can fit in a treat if I want one but I’m sticking to the 80/20 rule. 80% percent of my diet is clean and the other 20% is fun stuff! 
My macros look like this:
2036 calories
149.6 grams Protien
47.9 grams Fat
33-41 grams Fiber
That’s a whole lotta food! Because I went for so many years not eating to fuel my body efficiently, it amazes me to see my measurements change while eating over 2000cals. I’m down another inch around my waist this week! I still need to have Mike help me with the others (biceps, thighs and whatnot) so that I can post them for y’all. The scale hasn’t budged but I’m convinced that my boobs weigh twenty pounds. Haha! But seriously, I need to just stop stepping on that stupid thing. The scale doesn’t define me and I KNOW that now. 
Feel free to stalk my bodyspace account for more updates. Add me as friend if you have an account so we can complain about sore muscles and flex together. 
“Hey Girl, Hey!” To all of my SITS Girls


In The Car Straight Flexin’

 photo Earls-Fitness-Comparison-for-2-2-14.jpg

So…I have a confession. It’s going to make me seem like the biggest douche in the world. 
I flex all of the freaking time now. It’s bad. Ha! My muscles are still tiny babies in the making
but I’m so proud of myself. I just can’t help it!
Yesterday in the car while Mike was driving, I just so happened to look down and my arms 
caught my attention. So I flexed. Mike (aka Flex Patrol) noticed what I was doing and decided 
to call me out. My response was “this is happening. in the car. i have no shame.” When we work
toward a goal and start seeing progress…it’s the best feeling ever. Right?! 
This is Week 4 of the 100k Transformation Challenge. Everyone on Bodyspace
(its pretty much the Facebook of fitness with less drama) is looking amazing so I need to kick it 
into gear. I had some days where I had cheesecake, doughnuts and probably some other delicious treats that I’m blocking from memory forgetting. I love sweets, but I don’t like what too many “treats” do to my body. Not to say that I wont indulge at all…because I will…I just wont do it as much. Moderation.
After a few days of getting my nutrition back together and actually tracking my macros. I’m down 1lb and another inch. While one pound doesn’t seem impressive to some people, please keep in mind that I’m lifting heavy weights. Even though I weigh roughly the same in both pictures, my body composition is changing. Less fat, more muscle. 
I’m loving Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program! I’m now at a point where I can include cardio (phase 2)
so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. 
For now, I’m just enjoying my fitness journey. And preparing myself to say “no” to the birthday cheesecake my coworker is about to be presented with. Ugh! 
Are you making progress with any of your goals (fitness or not)? Feel free to stalk my bodyspace for more updates. 

P.S.- Macronutrients or Macros are Fat, Carbs, Protein and I monitor Fiber intake as well. You never know, you may be one poop away from your goal! Gross but true.