2015 Goals {Health/Fitness & Blogging}

2015 Goals via Earl-Leigh Designs

One way to reach your goals is to write them down. I like to post mine for extra accountability. It tickles me to no end when I get a reminder from one of you ladies to post an update. Thank you for that! There were a few times last year where I just wanted to eat a pint of ice cream, rub my tummy and watch Netflix but one of those reminders would come just in time. Not that I don’t enjoy that scenario! Haha! Moderation. Because I have a lot of smaller goals to help get me to my ultimate goal of creating a life that I love, I’m only going to post a few for now.

1. Continue to practice yoga and end the year with at least one handstand push-up.
2. Get into competition shape.
3. Compete in the bikini division of an NPC show! The Palmetto Classic is one of the annual bodybuilding competitions held in South Carolina, Charleston to be exact, and I would really like my first show to be drive-able to cut down on expenses.
4. Safely reverse to a weight that is easier to maintain post-competition.
5. Actively participate in a local running group.
6. Work on MY happy.
7. Continue experimenting with food.
1. Consistency.
2. Invest in lighting and backdrops for tutorials and vlogs. I’ve made a few projects but my apartment has the absolute worst lighting so photographs don’t come out the way I’d like.
3. Buy a new camera.
4. Establish a schedule for posting, commenting on other blogs and sharing via social media.
What are your goals for the new year?
Do you have any goals that build on each other?
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Blogging, Detoxing & Flexing

The Blog Well Summit took place this past weekend. Here’s my report back…I wasn’t able to give it my full attention.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I was home sick on Wednesday of last week. I haven’t been sleeping well lately and last week I had a massive migraine with nausea that struck almost at random. I ended up leaving my office around noon. After a self assessment (and a negative pregnancy test), I realized that the culprit is work-related stress. I keep harping on the importance of following up on goals because one of my MAJOR goals is to get the hell out of my current 9 to 5 before it gives me gray hairs. I pretty much used this weekend as an unplanned but needed mini mental detox.

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I was so looking forward to connecting with other bloggers and learning from the guest speakers at Blog Well. Because I wasn’t able to give my full attention, I’m going to purchase what was covered over the weekend.

Earl-Leigh Designs

Bulking/Frisky Fall Update:
This was one of my “non-flex” pictures from Flex Friday! I think that my guns are digging the fact that I’m bulking now. Woo! I’m going to start logging my meals on My Fitness Pal again because I find it difficult to hit my macros (carbs, proteins and fats) if I don’t. Around 6PM I’m usually scrambling because I’m nowhere close to hitting my numbers. Well…I dont really scramble…I’ve been eating pumpkin spice Oreo cookies to fill in my carbs and fats. Ha! They’re so good! I searched all over my part of town with no luck but Michelle was able to get her hands on a pack for me. Yum!

I went to Whole Foods this weekend in search of Call Me Pumpkin, one of Suja’s Holiday Editions, and every flavor but that one was in store. Every flavor. Mike was embarrassed when I asked one of the store associates about “the Suja situation”. When you go out of your way to try something and it isn’t available…it kind of seems like a situation. No?! Anyway, I ended up grabbing a couple bottles of pressed juice from Arden Farms instead. So good! If you are a juice drinker, I would suggest trying their flavor “Oops”. Its tropical, not too sweet and would probably make a killer cocktail. If you don’t like pineapples, you will hate this drink. You’ve been warned. 😉

What is your favorite way to detox? 

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Sunset Challenge {Tone It Up}

It’s Day 4 of the Bikini Series so it’s cardio and a total body strengthening day for me. I usually prefer to split my muscle groups so I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to just focus on biceps, triceps and abs. My booty is still on fiyah from leg day and I don’t want to cause damage from lack of repair time. I like to do two heavy leg days and a light one every week because my thighs are stubborn. They like who they are and don’t want to change for anyone! Ha!

In addition to daily routines, Karena and Katrina give us Sunset Challenges to complete. Today’s challenge:

Send your friends some love! Write a note, text or email to a friend and surprise them with 3 things you love most about them. 

Someone I’m going to (hopefully not embarrass) send love to via blog post is my Michelle! We’ve been working together for about four years now and she has grown to be near and dear to my heart.

Ode to Michelle! Not really…here are my fave 3 things about her though:
1. She’s funny (and thinks I’m funny too). If one of us gets in “trouble” at work…we both get blamed!

Abbot and Costello

2. She is one of the most genuine peeps I know. When my pregnancy got scary, she was there to support and pray for me. She also brought me peanut butter cookies when I was in the hospital.

3. The chick is passionate about all facets of life! From her family to her career in social work, Michelle gives her all and keeps a smile on her face. She’s so positive! 
Some other friends I want to send a big ol’ hug to is all of y’all! Thank you for taking the time out to visit and go rock the day out! 
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