Turkey, Trees and Weights

Hello fine people! Thanksgiving has come and gone with no additional inches to the waistband for me. Admittedly, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with my throat on fire so food was of little interest to me. I had to apologize in advance to my husband because I couldn’t really smell and I couldn’t taste anything…both of those senses are crucial when you’re cooking. Luckily, everything turned out wonderfully! Normally, my mother-in-law cooks a Caribbean Thanksgiving feast but I was tasked with hosting last minute. Because I grew up eating turkey and Southern fixings on Turkey Day, that’s what we had at my house. I was able to find healthy versions of our favorite sides so that was a double win!

Turkey Carving Done Right

This is how we carve turkeys. Be afraid.

We put on a Christmas movie, poured apple cider and put the tree up after dinner! I still need to make the bow so a picture of the entire tree will come soon. I can’t decide if I want to use the plaid fabric I made some of the ornaments from for the bow or if I want it to be a solid red.

Hello December

I went shopping around for heavier weights for home because I want to get ready for my upcoming break. I’ll have about a week and a half off and the university’s gym will be closed during that time so I need to add to my home gym. More hex dumbbells and an EZ curl bar are on my wishlist for Santa!

What was your favorite Thanksgiving memory (if you celebrate)?

This post was fueled by yogurt, hot cinnamon spice tea from Starbucks and Michael Buble.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Edition

People were crazy in the stores last year. There’s no other way to put it…just crazy, fighting over “stuff”. When it all boils down to it, Christmas presents (in a lot of cases) can just be described as “stuff”. They may be items that we’ve been drooling over or something we just know that our friends/family/whomever would go gaga for but it’s stuff. Because I have no desire to wait in long lines with people tapping their toes at over-worked sales associates who are assisting EVERYONE, here comes the internet. Besides, you can find some really fun and unique items on the interwebs.

Move over Thanksgiving, it’s time to start trimming those trees and decking the halls!

If you have some fitness enthused friends or blog buddies (ahem) I found some nice, affordable gift options.

Little Miss Fierce Tank– Cute and functional. Hell anyone with a bit of fierceness could rock this. Tell her to pair it with athletic tights or jeans and sport it with a bit of sass. We see you and we love it!

Train Like You Live on The Hellmouth Tank– Do you have a friend who LOVES Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Buy this, wrap it up and wait for the squeals.

Tone It Up Special Edition Yoga Pullover Sweatshirt– For the beach babe in your life. This girl likes to have fun and her enthusiasm is contagious. Get her this and tell her to spread a little of that awesomeness around.

Perfect Fit Go Stack– If you have a friend who takes her protein to go, do her a favor and get this. You can gift it alone, with something else or stuff it with goodies…like chocolate. 😉

Road ID the Wriste Elite– There are so many different styles and colors you can choose from to personalize for a friend or family member. They even come in toddler size. What’s so great about this? Safety. If Heaven forbid your friend has an accident while running or at the gym, medics will have access to emergency contact information. There are interactive badges also that route medical professionals to the website where your friend’s medical profile is stored. This is great if you know someone who suffers from something like life-threatening allergies or diabetes. The interactive ID’s cost a little more.

Knee-High Sport Sock– Everyone knows someone who has a thing for socks. If you’re thinking…”I don’t know anyone like that”…look down. What’s on your feet? Cute socks? Add them to your wishlist.

Are you gearing up for some Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? 

This post was fueled by water, coffee and stuffed cabbage casserole.


My Life Lately: Glitter

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that my mind is already on Christmas. You think that holy and jolly have blown up your Pinterest timeline? I’m just getting started!

The coming months are crazy around here due to the holidays, Harper’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. Oh, and Mike’s birthday too. I didn’t forget you honey! LOL 😉  Because we have three major events taking place in December alone (and Trader Joe’s doesn’t make enough two buck chuck to ease my stress), I have already started planing and crafting. Yes, it is truly Christmas in July at my place.

I’m sure that my husband is ready to runaway from home. There is not one room that isn’t frosted with silver glitter. That shit travels. I have learned that if you wash something that falls victim to sparkle…you end up with clean glitter. That stuff doesn’t want to leave when you’re done with it. Harper thinks that the floors look “pwetty” now. That’s a win!

I have been hitting the gym harder than ever because… ice cream. Duh! I’m going to blame my overindulgence on the fact that I’ve been celebrating National Ice Cream Day for two weeks now. Blue Bell knows the way to my heart and the weigh to my butt too.