Pumpkin DIYs & My Hips Don’t Lie

It’s Friday and I’m tired. We took Harper to go “Trick or Treat with The Greeks” last night and her elephant Halloween costume was a hit. Frat guys and sorority girls love children who are dressed up as animals. Who knew?!

Because we went out last night and Harper’s daycare is having a costume party today, Halloween festivities are officially over for me.

In the spirit of Fall and because I haven’t finished decorating for the season, here are some DIY projects I found floating across the interwebs.
Fabric Covered Pumpkins– simple and straightforward.
Fabric Pumpkin DIY
5 Minute Fall Felt Leaf Garland– Do you know how to tie a knot/bow? You can do this.
DIY Glitter Pumpkin– A very simple way to glam your place up for Fall or Thanksgiving.
Autumn Leaf, Mason Jar Candle Holder– If you already have mason jars laying around, this project will cost less than a pumpkin spice latte. The Dollar Tree has leaves that look just like the ones used in the tutorial. Trust me, I’m the proud owner of two packs.
Fall Leaf Mason Jar Tutorial
Are you celebrating Halloween? Post your Instagram or Twitter deets if you have a public profile. We want to see those costumes!
This post was fueled by coffee, a mushroom and ham omelette and the Halloween Metal Radio station on Pandora.


Tips & Tricks I Love {Round Up}

My mind has been holiday and DIY focused this week so I wanted to share some of my Pinterest favorites.

Tips and Tricks I Love via Earl-Leigh Designs

1. How to Make A Custom Hot Glue Gun Stand– this was a definite forehead slapper. My poor hot glue gun has been cursed from here to the moon because the “kickstand” doesn’t work. Or it at least stops working once you put a glue stick in it.

2. DIY Gold Glittered Serving Tray– I love God, my family, pumpkin and glitter.

3. 10 Painting Tips and Tricks You Never Knew– An easy way to silver leaf? She’s got it. Feel free to add metallics onto the list of things I love.

4. Hand-Lettering for Beginners– Confession time: I’m super jealous of people who have handwriting that looks worthy of the Etsy homepage. A lot of the DIY projects on my list involve lettering and stencils don’t always cut it.

Have a great weekend! I gotta get ready for “Boo at the Zoo”. Please pray/send good vibes/whatever you do, that my child doesn’t act a fool over other people’s costumes.


Summer Time Fine {DIY Inspiration}

I have been nominated for THREE Liebster Awards! I’m working on everyone’s questions right now. My plan is to post my responses on Fridays because I figured a Liebster week would be too much Earl for y’all to handle. Haha!

It’s already hella hot in South Carolina and if you follow me on Pinterest, you know that summer is on my brain. While I would love to be able to throw down money at the mall for a summer wardrobe…that is not in the budget. Mike’s design firm that he works for (until Friday) is going under and he is one of the first designers to be let go. WAH! I’m usually one who goes into panic mode when “disaster strikes” but I feel good. Comforted may be a better word. He got comfortable in a job that didn’t allow him to be as creative as he would have preferred. I prayed for Mike to be guided to a more fulfilling career and he sent me a text, literally the next day, letting me know “the news”. It wasn’t that I never prayed for his creative fulfillment before, I just switched it up and asked more directly. Ha!

I’m hoping that he’ll get enough freelance work that he won’t have to work full time at another firm. We’ll see. In the meanwhile, if mama wants some new duds for the summer…it’s going to be DIY all the way!

Cutoff Shorts

I love these simple cutoff shorts. Its way too hot for pants around here so I foresee a lot of weekend market trips in shorts.

Quick Tee

It’s always a task to find a tee that fits me in a flattering way. My upper torso is short and my boobs are big so my tees are usually baggy. Not a good look. I have yards upon yards of knits and I can whip a few of these up quickly. Work and weekend appropriate.

Get Out of Town Bag

This bag speaks for itself.


I Eat My Veggies and Drink ‘Em Too: Smoothie

 photo green-smoothies-and-flexing.jpg
The more I read the news, the angrier I get. I’m pissed irritated with companies that decide to use chemicals and meat that isn’t fit for human consumption in their food products that are consumed by humans. What the huh?! While I may not eat at those places, other people who are on health journeys go there. And take their children! I cringe at the thought of The Biggest Loser competitors eating those subs because they were told they were healthy options. Just no.

For the past few months, I’ve been looking into holistic living. Today, I’m not prepared to dive into the lifestyle head-on because its a lot of work. Totally worth it in my opinion…but baby steps. Remember, a lifestyle change does not happen overnight its a process.

I’m armed with recipes and psyched for our next trip to the market. Its time to whip up some body butter and conditioner. Oh, food too!

Once recipes have been tested…I’ll share them with y’all! I already have a couple of DIY hair moisturizers ready to be photographed.

Go stalk my progress on bodyspace and add me if you have an account!