Get Fit Chick: Insanity

The Boy and I have been done with Insanity for a few weeks now (woot woot!) so I can give my full opinion of the program. 
I have a love/hate relationship with Shaun T (the maniac behind Insanity. ha!). He will push you and make you want to work hard to build the body you want. There were times I thought that I was in bootcamp because he demands you take it to the max. Never in a mean way though! He just wants you to push past the “i’m too tired”, “i don’t feel like it”…which I did say. Thankfully for me, I had a motivator in the form of my awesome hubby who made me NOT cheat myself. (hey boy! if you’re reading this…thank you)
The Fit Test:
You begin and end the program with the fit test which is a fantastic idea. You have a few throughout the 60 days also, about one every two weeks. My fit test results were another motivator. I just HAD to beat the numbers. I get really competitive y’all. When we were doing a new fit test, I would ask Mike about his numbers and aimed to smash them. Ha! He always smoked me in a couple categories like the “power jumps” but it was still fun to try to beat him. My end results are triple my first results in almost every category. The dang “frog jumps”…I had the same two numbers the entire time! 
The First 30 Days:
The workouts during the first 30 days were about 45 minutes with roughly 9-10 minutes of that being your warm-up. There are a couple days where you will have two workouts in a day, so if you choose to do the program keep that in mind. We live in an apartment so we weren’t able to complete ours in the morning (there is a lot of jumping in Insanity). If you live in a house, I would suggest to do what you could in the morning if your schedule allows. By the end of the first 30 days I had biceps and was down pounds and inches. Holy moly! 
The Last 30 Days:
This was when your girl was on the floor about to die! The workouts are longer…an hour. There was one day we were working out for what felt like two hours. But we did it and so could you! I just find the time factor important because we all have different schedules. The second month is where you will see your best results. I don’t mean that you’ll lose a crap ton of weight, I’m saying that you will see your body change. You’ll see some sexy muscle formation! 😉
The Verdict:
Like with any fitness program/routine you will have to dedicate time in your schedules to allow for proper nutrition and exercise. If you are ready to eat clean, sweat and bust your booty you can do it. I don’t suggest anyone with knee, ankle or any body part below the waist problems do Insanity. There is a lot of jumping. I know that I’ve mentioned it already…but yeah. Insanity is based on MAX Interval Training so your heart rate will soar before he brings you back down for a quick rest. If you have a problem with your ticker, don’t do Insanity. I do think that you should speak to a health care provider before diving into the program. Unless you’re an athletic person already? The Boy and I didn’t but I was mindful of my heart rate the entire time. I would walk around the room if I felt that I needed to. All in all, I love what Insanity has done for Mike and I. We’ve moved on to ChaLean Extreme because we caught the fitness bug. 
Bring it!  

Happy Tuesday!

{Clothed in Hope} Interview and Giveaway

Y’all, I recently met my new role model! Amy Woodell is the founder of Clothed in Hope, an organization whose purpose to EMPOWER widows of the Ng’ombe compound in Lusaka, Zambia. When these women suffer the loss of their husbands, they nor their children inherit anything. In fact, everything they own is stripped from them by the deceased husband’s family. This is where Clothed in Hope steps in with their three step cycle of empowerment:

TEACH: Through skills training and education in preventable disease and financial responsibility, Zambian women are empowered for life change.

SEWClothed in Hope provides instructional training in sewing so that a woman can use her newly acquired trade and confidence to make a better life for herself and her children.
CREATEA ripple effect of students becoming teachers has the power to ignite change throughout Zambia, combating poverty and injustice for good. Women not only complete the course with a valuable skillset, they also have the ability to earn a solid income through the creation of unique, handmade {re}styled products.

They are able to provide for themselves and their families.

Did I mention this young lady is in her senior year of college?! AND she’s moving to Zambia later this year after she graduates. Before I do too much bragging, let’s dive into my conversation with Amy. 

Amy with two little girls from the village
Earl: Tell me about yourself, just as an individual.
Amy: I’m a senior, Retail major at the university, as well as a fashion and travel lover. I always planned to graduate and move to New York to pursue a career in fashion…maybe even work for a fashion magazine. My first trip to Africa was two years ago and my life hasn’t been the same since then. I’m going to use my gifts to SERVE.
Earl: What made you go from mission work to forming this awesome organization?
Amy: A trip to Africa was on my bucket list. I know that it seems like the “trendy” thing to do because a lot celebrities go there. I had traveled to other countries before the trip and I just wanted to go and have that experience. When I came back to the University, I had a hard semester personally and I couldn’t stop thinking about the women of Ng’ombe. People would ask me about  Zambia but would only want a two minute summary. I felt as though there was a lack of understanding. I had this experience that no one else “got” so I turned to my faith. God prepared me for love. I found two other young people who decided to change courses in their twenties. It was encouraging to see people who hadn’t planned from the age of fifteen do something and already be on their journey. I sat down, made a plan, spoke with my parents in January and made everything official on February 21st of 2011. I’m moving to Africa! Your calling won’t always make sense.
Earl: Why “Clothed in Hope”?
Amy: I was sitting in my apartment on January 21st and knew that was the day I’d choose a name. I love the word “hope”  because it carries so much weight and signifies something that is life changing so I wanted to incorporate it into the name. I opened my Bible to one of my favorite verses and the name was born.
“I will greatly rejoice in the LORD, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with jewels.”
Isaiah 61:10 KJV 

The word “garment” has a key role in The Bible…its what’s covering you. From that I thought up Clothed in Hope.
Earl: Okay. Its time for me to ask my one possibly ignorant question. Where will you be living?
Amy: I would love to live with a family! I have to take not only my work into consideration but my safety as well. I’m working with someone to arrange my living situation. More than likely, I’ll be in a neighboring village with volunteer workers and missionaries. I don’t own anything that puts me above another person. I don’t think that I’m better than anyone, so I’ll be living in their traditional housing too.

Earl: What is the best way for us to keep up with you and your journey?
Amy: The website, the blog, Facebook and Twitter. There won’t be too many updates until I make the move, but I have so many ideas. There’s going to be an email newsletter coming soon!
Giveaway Info!
I’m giving away two Clothed in Hope t-shirts to two readers.
LOVE Africa T-shirt: Small Orange
I love her LOVE Africa tees. 
 The selections will vary, but the giveaway winners will still have cute shirts that serve a great cause.
Please leave a separate comment for each entry.
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The giveaway is open until 12AM EST on Tuesday, February 28th.
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Get Fit Chick- Check In #2

It’s time for another update! My weight is the same as last week (4 pound loss) and I still haven’t taken measurements for this month. I’m still feeling good though because my pants are fitting looser. Which is awesome!

The Boy finally got better from the restaurant food poisoning incident so we started “Insanity” as a couple last night. I worked my booty off more with him around than I did by myself. I was wiped out. On the floor…panting…and looking ten shades of sexy. That was two truths and a lie. Ha! We refueled with some coconut water because I’ve sworn off sports drinks due to all of the sugar. Coconut water is very refreshing and jam packed with all of the electrolytes and potassium your body craves post workout. I’m able to drink it now without frowning. For some reason, I thought that because I like pina coladas I would love coconut water. Don’t use that logic. They don’t taste similar at all.

Before switching back to Insanity, I was doing the Tone It Up workout for February  along with yoga and Pop Pilates. Both of them will work your body! Pop Pilates is fun because Cassey Ho, the instructor, uses pop music in the routines. She has even choreographed an ab and leg workout to Lady Gaga that involves high heels and a leotard. Oh, yes ma’am!

That’s Cassey modeling her gorgeous gym bag! When I get to a total loss of 10 pounds, this bag is gonna be all mine.

Happy Tuesday! 
Oh, also…there’s a fantastic giveaway happening right now on Heather’s blog, Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.  The winner takes all! 


Tickle Me Tuesday

This is my first time ever linking up with Sarah for Tickle Me Tuesday! I’m kicking myself in the butt right now because this is such a fun idea. Y’all know that I love everything. Well…I love to share what I like.

 Custom color ruffle rose pillow LARGE - as seen on Daily Candy
I love these pillows by Eisman Design! I’m not just saying that because I’m giving away a $50 shop credit. They are so fun and colorful! And they’re handmade. I like to think that Angella is my Northern sister because she’s in NC and I live in South Carolina! Ha!

How freaking cute is this holiday DIY from Mandy’s blog?!

I love this sew much. Sorry, I had to go there. Whatever your craft is, sometimes you have to work a little harder for an idea to come through and sometimes those ideas turn into scrap material for another project. 🙂

What has been tickling you?

Happy Tuesday!