Ice Cream, Beer and Fitness

I was ON point last week. I killed every workout, I filled my body with whole foods and then it happened. I went to a local St Patrick’s Day festival on Saturday and had a few beers. Then I had wings and ice cream on Sunday. I regret nothing. It was glorious. Ha!

This is week 10 of the 100K Transformation Challenge and I’m pumped to be at the home stretch. I’m excited to see everyone’s progress but I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve stuck with it. There were times when I wondered why I was doing any of this “fitness stuff”. Just being completely honest.

I would then remind myself that I set goals and I want to be a good role model for Harper. How can I tell her to live boldly and not do so myself?

Week 10 Progress Update

Yeah…eff the scale because 10 weeks and a six pound difference would’ve sent me straight to Dunkin’ Doughnuts in the past. All of that work and only six pounds. SIX. Eff this noise…I’m getting ice cream. Because muscle is more dense than fat it takes up less space in the body.

For my long term goal of doing a fitness competition next year, I will need to drop more weight and about 6%  more body fat.

I’ve been raving about the Tone It Up Girls for years now and have yet to buy their nutrition program. I’m thinking that I’ll get it for my birthday at the end of the month. I love what they stand for and I’m getting lazy at looking for recipes. Ha! They have it all laid out for you and they do several updates a year. Why haven’t I bought it before…I hate spending money on myself. I feel so guilty when I buy something that’s more than 20 bucks. After seeing their nutrition members’ photos on Instagram, I’m finding that most of the recipes are Harper friendly. I just didn’t want to invest $150 in a nutrition program that my family wouldn’t benefit from also. For my ultimate goal, nutrition is key so its time to invest. Right?! Right!

Do you invest in yourself? Comment below on the last thing you did for yourself!

Come stalk me on bodyspace for more updates and progress pictures.

In The Car Straight Flexin’

 photo Earls-Fitness-Comparison-for-2-2-14.jpg

So…I have a confession. It’s going to make me seem like the biggest douche in the world. 
I flex all of the freaking time now. It’s bad. Ha! My muscles are still tiny babies in the making
but I’m so proud of myself. I just can’t help it!
Yesterday in the car while Mike was driving, I just so happened to look down and my arms 
caught my attention. So I flexed. Mike (aka Flex Patrol) noticed what I was doing and decided 
to call me out. My response was “this is happening. in the car. i have no shame.” When we work
toward a goal and start seeing progress…it’s the best feeling ever. Right?! 
This is Week 4 of the 100k Transformation Challenge. Everyone on Bodyspace
(its pretty much the Facebook of fitness with less drama) is looking amazing so I need to kick it 
into gear. I had some days where I had cheesecake, doughnuts and probably some other delicious treats that I’m blocking from memory forgetting. I love sweets, but I don’t like what too many “treats” do to my body. Not to say that I wont indulge at all…because I will…I just wont do it as much. Moderation.
After a few days of getting my nutrition back together and actually tracking my macros. I’m down 1lb and another inch. While one pound doesn’t seem impressive to some people, please keep in mind that I’m lifting heavy weights. Even though I weigh roughly the same in both pictures, my body composition is changing. Less fat, more muscle. 
I’m loving Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program! I’m now at a point where I can include cardio (phase 2)
so we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks. 
For now, I’m just enjoying my fitness journey. And preparing myself to say “no” to the birthday cheesecake my coworker is about to be presented with. Ugh! 
Are you making progress with any of your goals (fitness or not)? Feel free to stalk my bodyspace for more updates. 

P.S.- Macronutrients or Macros are Fat, Carbs, Protein and I monitor Fiber intake as well. You never know, you may be one poop away from your goal! Gross but true. 


Get Fit Chick- Check In #2

It’s time for another update! My weight is the same as last week (4 pound loss) and I still haven’t taken measurements for this month. I’m still feeling good though because my pants are fitting looser. Which is awesome!

The Boy finally got better from the restaurant food poisoning incident so we started “Insanity” as a couple last night. I worked my booty off more with him around than I did by myself. I was wiped out. On the floor…panting…and looking ten shades of sexy. That was two truths and a lie. Ha! We refueled with some coconut water because I’ve sworn off sports drinks due to all of the sugar. Coconut water is very refreshing and jam packed with all of the electrolytes and potassium your body craves post workout. I’m able to drink it now without frowning. For some reason, I thought that because I like pina coladas I would love coconut water. Don’t use that logic. They don’t taste similar at all.

Before switching back to Insanity, I was doing the Tone It Up workout for February  along with yoga and Pop Pilates. Both of them will work your body! Pop Pilates is fun because Cassey Ho, the instructor, uses pop music in the routines. She has even choreographed an ab and leg workout to Lady Gaga that involves high heels and a leotard. Oh, yes ma’am!

That’s Cassey modeling her gorgeous gym bag! When I get to a total loss of 10 pounds, this bag is gonna be all mine.

Happy Tuesday! 
Oh, also…there’s a fantastic giveaway happening right now on Heather’s blog, Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.  The winner takes all! 


New Year. New Me?

This is my last post for the year…holy crow! I’m so excited to see what this new year brings. I’ve met some great friends, started to get my business together, started loving myself more and celebrated two years of marriage this year. And yet there is so much more to do…isn’t there always? Ha! I don’t make resolutions anymore because I fail every time so I’m going to focus on my goals for the year.

1. Open up shop…finally. Life is starting to slow down (which is kinda scary. calm before the storm? hope not) so I can focus more on me.
2. Express my individual style more. I need to stop being so cautious. “What will people think” is deeply ingrained in me and I’m trying to get rid of that.
3. Blog more often. I have some really neat ideas that I’m excited to share.
4. Be more organized.
5. Spend more time with family, not just friends.

These are just a few of my goals, I think of new ones all of the time. It’s all about prioritizing y’all!

6. I would love to conquer Photoshop!

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest
See y’all in 2012! 
Be Safe. Have Fun. Be a good bystander.