Spa Day, Stay at Home Mom Duties and Anxiety

Thank you for the well wishes! I was sick up until Christmas Day but I still ate my face off. Well, I did as much eating as my stomach would allow and after days of liquids…two meals seemed like a lot!

Where have I been? I needed a little break. With the weight of a job that makes me miserable and figuring out what comes next…I just needed some time to think and breathe. A mental break of sorts because my anxiety was in high gear (and still kinda is but its more manageable).

Here’s a snippet of what I’ve been up to:

Santa sent me to the spa the Saturday after Christmas and I was excited because it was my first fancy pants massage. I’m thinking about working them into my regular schedule if possible.

Harper’s daycare conveniently closed for the entire length of my vacation. Mercy! That child’s energy is limitless. Because my trainer wants me to incorporate yoga into my routine, Harper and I would practice some together. She’s better than I am! Ha! That little lady would do handstands all day if I would let her.

Obviously. 😉

Influenster sent me this swanky new antiperspirant to try. More information is to come. It’s pretty cool and definitely is one of those products I wouldn’t have necessarily bought. You’ll see.

Mike and I were able to go out on New Year’s Eve for some much needed couple time. I even shaved my legs.

I’ll post this year’s goals next week. There are some big, scary, exciting things planned for the year.

This post was fueled by a rice cake with peanut butter, coffee and Bag Raiders.

Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness Edition

People were crazy in the stores last year. There’s no other way to put it…just crazy, fighting over “stuff”. When it all boils down to it, Christmas presents (in a lot of cases) can just be described as “stuff”. They may be items that we’ve been drooling over or something we just know that our friends/family/whomever would go gaga for but it’s stuff. Because I have no desire to wait in long lines with people tapping their toes at over-worked sales associates who are assisting EVERYONE, here comes the internet. Besides, you can find some really fun and unique items on the interwebs.

Move over Thanksgiving, it’s time to start trimming those trees and decking the halls!

If you have some fitness enthused friends or blog buddies (ahem) I found some nice, affordable gift options.

Little Miss Fierce Tank– Cute and functional. Hell anyone with a bit of fierceness could rock this. Tell her to pair it with athletic tights or jeans and sport it with a bit of sass. We see you and we love it!

Train Like You Live on The Hellmouth Tank– Do you have a friend who LOVES Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Buy this, wrap it up and wait for the squeals.

Tone It Up Special Edition Yoga Pullover Sweatshirt– For the beach babe in your life. This girl likes to have fun and her enthusiasm is contagious. Get her this and tell her to spread a little of that awesomeness around.

Perfect Fit Go Stack– If you have a friend who takes her protein to go, do her a favor and get this. You can gift it alone, with something else or stuff it with goodies…like chocolate. 😉

Road ID the Wriste Elite– There are so many different styles and colors you can choose from to personalize for a friend or family member. They even come in toddler size. What’s so great about this? Safety. If Heaven forbid your friend has an accident while running or at the gym, medics will have access to emergency contact information. There are interactive badges also that route medical professionals to the website where your friend’s medical profile is stored. This is great if you know someone who suffers from something like life-threatening allergies or diabetes. The interactive ID’s cost a little more.

Knee-High Sport Sock– Everyone knows someone who has a thing for socks. If you’re thinking…”I don’t know anyone like that”…look down. What’s on your feet? Cute socks? Add them to your wishlist.

Are you gearing up for some Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping? 

This post was fueled by water, coffee and stuffed cabbage casserole.