Fail to Plan, Plan to Pull Your Hair Out

I have been a mess this week. I didn’t finish my meal prep on Sunday so I had to cook throughout the week. When you’re used to having meals ready to grab and go, having to cook really throws things off. I haven’t really been logging into my bodyspace account like I should be and I SUCK at my Tone It Up checkin’s.

What I HAVE managed to do is pull together a last minute Easter celebration! We were planning to spend this weekend with my family but found out last week that it wouldn’t be possible. After one tearful phone call home, my mom sent a text to let me know that she was bringing Easter to me on Saturday. Yay! I love that woman.

I spent hours searching the internet for printables. No, that’s a lie. I went to Pinterest. Duh! I found a lot of easy DIY’s and recipes. I’ll try to take pictures of the decor but the struggle is real, y’all.

Here’s my favorite Easter Printable:

Here Come's Peter Cottontail via Tater Tots and Jello

I love this “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” graphic! Anytime I sing that song, Mike starts cracking up because it reminds him of…


Chic, Office Organization


Because I’m working on my blog’s facelift, I reeeaaaallly want to finish decorating my sewing/office area. Everything should be pretty. Right?! My space doubles as the dining room so I’m constantly looking for design and functionality. While I want my sewing/office (soffice?) area to be clean and modern, I also want it to be welcoming and fit with rest of our apartment. I’m thinking that the block calendar would look awesome on a shelf next to some flowers. Fake ones. Because flowers die when I get too close and it would be too expensive to buy new ones every week.


Sew Easy Sunday: 20 Minute Pillowcase

I get bored easily and unfortunately… The Boy and I are not rich. This means I have to get creative when I get the I want to redecorate blues. Have y’all noticed how expensive bedding is?! All for a little bit of cotton and some thread. Its ridiculous! Today we’re going to learn how to make our own pillowcases. We’ll get into the rest of the bedding week by week.

We’re going to cheat. You could either do a lot of cutting and pressing or you can do it my way. But since you’re still reading, I’m assuming my way is your chosen path. Excellent!

Step One:
Fold your fabric in half lengthwise, right sides facing.

Step Two:
Make sure your fabric measures 35″x17″. You may have to trim some fabric from the width to make it 17″.

Step Three:
Sew the bottom and the opened side closed. Turn the pillow case right side out.

The opened end will still be rough, don’t worry we’re about to fix that.
Iron the edge where my fingertips are.

Step Four:
Please note that my pins are at the 5 inch mark, this is where you will top stitch. Be sure to hold the fabric so that you don’t sew the pillowcase shut. 😉

And…you’re done! You can add decorative trim, a monogram or anything you’d like to personalize your pillowcase.

If you have any questions shoot me an email at or leave a comment below.
Happy Sunday!


New Loves

The Boy and I are possibly moving. Yay! Our lease is up so we’re doing the month-to-month thing until we figure out the next step. The neighbors are really loud and I just cannot deal with it any longer. I don’t like the act of moving, you know…the packing, hauling of boxes and unpacking. What I do love about this possible move is decorating a new home, whether it be in our current city or another one. 
I’m starting with the kitchen this time:

Meal and chore planner

The Boy and I don’t have a set of nice “grown up” pots. I love this cookware set, the color is so vibrant.

This salt crock is from the same line as the cookware above. I’m not completely sold on the idea because it means your salt is uncovered. However, it does coordinate and would look cute on the counter.

These canisters and bowls are clean and simple.

Milk bottle measuring cups!

The kitchen isn’t one of those rooms that will get redecorated a lot because most items have a function. Because of that, I like to stick with colors that won’t drive me crazy three months down the line. While I would love a hot pink and turquoise kitchen, I just know that I would end up kicking myself in the butt.

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What are you in love with lately?