Finding YOUR Fit

This post may come off as preachy but that isn’t my intention. You’ve been warned. Ha!
My wonderful trainer has me set up with a program that I can do from home or at the gym. Because we’re at the point in the semester where we have back to back breaks, this was desperately needed. When the university is closed, the gym is closed. That is pretty much the only major con of my gym so I’ll take it. I had most of last week off for Thanksgiving so the home plans were used except for one day because I had too much chest congestion and a slight fever. Boo!
I’ve heard a lot of women say that they would love to get in shape but they can’t afford gym memberships or cant find the time to leave the house. I here ya girl and I’m here to offer my unsolicited opinion.
I did most of my Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer from home with dumbbells and resistance bands after Harper went to bed at night. What I “couldn’t” do from home I did at the gym. If I had taken the time to examine the workouts and what areas of the body they targeted, I’m sure I would have been able to do all of it at home. Or I would’ve made up my own program that was comparable. At that point, I just wanted to jumpstart my weightlifting and for me…Jamie was the way to go.
There are a lot of other programs through that you can do from home for FREE. My favorite price. Ha! If you are in a situation where you can and are willing to shell out money for a program like Insanity or Piyo…check out I had great results with Insanity and loved Chalean Extreme until I got pregnant. I had a high risk pregnancy and wasn’t able to complete the program. Y’all know that I’m a proud member of the Tone It Up community and there are free TIU workouts on their website and YouTube channel. Karena and Katrina also have exercise dvd’s that are much cheaper than anything you’d get from In most cases, the beachbody programs come with a nutrition guide to get you through the program of your choice successfully. With Tone It Up, there is a nutrition plan that you can purchase separately if you’d like. I got the nutrition plan for my birthday and love it! Karena and Katrina are constantly adding recipes so for me its worth the money. The nutrition plan aims to educate as well.
In a world where social media is booming, there are a large number of personal trainers who can offer online coaching. This is usually for someone (like me) who needs direction and accountability but doesn’t want/need in-person guidance. The only “me time” I get is when I’m at the gym and I treasure that. You will want to make sure that the person is actually qualified, an excellent communicator and passionate. If they don’t have philosophies that match your own…keep it moving. You also need to be willing to put in work. Don’t waste your money or their time.
Do you have any questions about Tone It Up, Live Fit or Insanity?
Are you trying to find your fit?
Do you have any advice for someone who may be trying to find their fit?

Congratulations, Susan!
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This post was fueled by water, a peanut butter and dark chocolate KIND bar and Jhene Aiko.


Get Fit Chick: Insanity

The Boy and I have been done with Insanity for a few weeks now (woot woot!) so I can give my full opinion of the program. 
I have a love/hate relationship with Shaun T (the maniac behind Insanity. ha!). He will push you and make you want to work hard to build the body you want. There were times I thought that I was in bootcamp because he demands you take it to the max. Never in a mean way though! He just wants you to push past the “i’m too tired”, “i don’t feel like it”…which I did say. Thankfully for me, I had a motivator in the form of my awesome hubby who made me NOT cheat myself. (hey boy! if you’re reading this…thank you)
The Fit Test:
You begin and end the program with the fit test which is a fantastic idea. You have a few throughout the 60 days also, about one every two weeks. My fit test results were another motivator. I just HAD to beat the numbers. I get really competitive y’all. When we were doing a new fit test, I would ask Mike about his numbers and aimed to smash them. Ha! He always smoked me in a couple categories like the “power jumps” but it was still fun to try to beat him. My end results are triple my first results in almost every category. The dang “frog jumps”…I had the same two numbers the entire time! 
The First 30 Days:
The workouts during the first 30 days were about 45 minutes with roughly 9-10 minutes of that being your warm-up. There are a couple days where you will have two workouts in a day, so if you choose to do the program keep that in mind. We live in an apartment so we weren’t able to complete ours in the morning (there is a lot of jumping in Insanity). If you live in a house, I would suggest to do what you could in the morning if your schedule allows. By the end of the first 30 days I had biceps and was down pounds and inches. Holy moly! 
The Last 30 Days:
This was when your girl was on the floor about to die! The workouts are longer…an hour. There was one day we were working out for what felt like two hours. But we did it and so could you! I just find the time factor important because we all have different schedules. The second month is where you will see your best results. I don’t mean that you’ll lose a crap ton of weight, I’m saying that you will see your body change. You’ll see some sexy muscle formation! 😉
The Verdict:
Like with any fitness program/routine you will have to dedicate time in your schedules to allow for proper nutrition and exercise. If you are ready to eat clean, sweat and bust your booty you can do it. I don’t suggest anyone with knee, ankle or any body part below the waist problems do Insanity. There is a lot of jumping. I know that I’ve mentioned it already…but yeah. Insanity is based on MAX Interval Training so your heart rate will soar before he brings you back down for a quick rest. If you have a problem with your ticker, don’t do Insanity. I do think that you should speak to a health care provider before diving into the program. Unless you’re an athletic person already? The Boy and I didn’t but I was mindful of my heart rate the entire time. I would walk around the room if I felt that I needed to. All in all, I love what Insanity has done for Mike and I. We’ve moved on to ChaLean Extreme because we caught the fitness bug. 
Bring it!  

Happy Tuesday!

Get Fit Chick: Check In #11

This is our last week of Insanity! Woo hoo! This girl is happydancin’ all over the place. You know…when my body isn’t completely shredded from insane workouts.

I don’t have any measurements to share this week because The Boy wanted to wait for final results (we’ll have them on Sunday). I’m going to point you in the direction of a yummy protein shake instead! It tastes like something you’d get from Steak ‘n Shake, I promise. The Boy and I had the chocolate peanut butter shakes this morning and I almost licked the blender because it was THAT good.


That’s what Katie’s typical protein shake looks like. If you’ve been looking for a pre or post workout meal, I highly recommend one of these guys!  I love pretty much all of the recipes on Katie’s website, Dashing Dish, because they’re easy and always delicious.

Happy Tuesday!
Don’t forget to update me with any of your progress. 


Get Fit Chick: Check In #10

I’ve been in a funk lately. I’m trying to snap out of it because I really do have a blessed life, but I have been in “woe is me” mode for a couple of weeks. This mood has left me completely uninspired and sick to death of Insanity. I’m gonna be really honest right now…I’m ready to be done with the program. I think that its awesome and I’m loving the results, but I’m sick of working out six days a week. The upside? We only have two weeks left and then I’m starting ChaLean Extreme. Are you sensing a pattern here with my workouts? They’re either insane or extreme. Ha! 

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 I’m still stuck at 9lbs lost but my diet has sucked lately. I had Mexican food on Friday when my favorite redhead came to visit and we went out again on Saturday. Because I was getting better results when I didn’t consume any alcohol (I know, I know) I’m cutting it from my diet. Your body burns the alcohol first, leaving fats and carbs sitting on your thighs. That’s where my food ends up anyway. Hehe! 
Where are you with your goals for 2012? Let’s hold each other accountable! 

Happy Tuesday!