Let Them Eat…How "Pinteresting"

I found some new recipes to try out this week while combing the glorious site, Pinterest. It’s gotten to the point where The Boy now rolls his eyes when I mention the word Pinterest. Come on now, it’s so much easier to pin recipes for later than it is to print them out, or save to a recipe collection on one specific site. I had accounts with Pillsbury.com, TasteofHome.com, FoodNetwork.com…you see where I’m going, that’s a lot to keep up with. Meal planning with Team Sudds (that’s what I call us during “insanity” to sound official) has gotten so much easier. I just go to my “yummy recipes” board and plan our meals weekly. There’s no scrabbling around anymore!

Reese’s Cookie Batter Oatmeal (340 calories if prepared with milk, 260 calories if prepared with water)

Strawberry Protein Pancake Roll-ups with Yogurt Filling (131 calories per roll-up)

Cardamom-Lime Sweet Rolls (131 calories per roll)

Stuffed Cabbage Casserole (250 calories)

The only one I’ve made from this group was this yummy stuffed cabbage casserole. *Drools* It was so good and low calorie. I wanted to just put my face in the bowl it was so good. (don’t worry, i didn’t) The Boy, who turned his nose up to the fact that this recipe calls for onions, loved it! For a family of two, you’ll have plenty of leftovers. Which we love because we like meals that give us more bang for our bucks. If you do try this recipe, you HAVE to get the Hungarian paprika. Regular paprika will not give this recipe the same flavor and the smell of Hungarian paprika…will take you on a trip (of the non-acid variety)!


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Happy Wednesday!


Holding Hands with Strangers

I didn’t post a photo yesterday for February Photo a Day so today is a double entry.
Day 3- Hands
The Boy and I always hold hands. Walking down the street, riding in the car, sitting on the couch…you’ll find us joined at the digits. 

Day 4- A Stranger
I felt like a complete creeper with this challenge. I would freak out if I saw someone I didn’t know pointing their camera/phone in my direction. It didn’t help that we were in a bookstore when I decided to snap a pic. Umm…LOUD. But when would it have not been awkward? I felt a little guilty, so I’m censoring their faces. I mean, they got caught in the “Dummy” section of the bookstore. Ha! (joking, joking)

Happy Weekend!


My View

The Februray Photo A Day challenge just kicked off and I’m going to do my best to stick with it. The prompt for the day is “your view today”.

My little furball plays extreme fetch. 
Don’t worry, the ball on the right has been confiscated and replaced with a new one.
Happy Wednesday!


Lovin’ it!

I’m linking up with Sarah for “Tickle Me Tuesday”! Because I’m always looking for new ways to organize my life with The Boy, this post is a salute to home/office organization. You’ve been warned!!

Neat and simple way to store perishables. I have some porcelain black containers in my kitchen…without labels…because I’m smart like that. Reminder to self: add labels.

Source: bhg.com via Whitney on Pinterest

We live in an apartment with a quarter wash, so I love the idea of creating a laundry center.

Source: bhg.com via Whitney on Pinterest

This is my absolute favorite! Its a “go anywhere” home office. All you need is a dish rack and pretty file folders.

Happy Tuesday!
I’m looking for a new day planner, do you have any suggestions? I bought a cute one off Etsy a few months ago but my dog ate it.