Harper’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Harper’s 2nd birthday on Saturday and boy did I eat my face off! I wanted a more scaled down event as compared to her 1st birthday. I did not want to cook for 50 people this time! We had a family only shindig with the grandparents, aunts, one cousin and Michelle with her two kiddos!

Because we had a smaller party and I wanted to keep it casual, chicken and waffles were on the menu. Michelle brought her awesome sausage dip and a fiesta ranch dip that I love! I was busy in the kitchen so I have zero pictures. I know! Bad blogger. I’m going to just ask everyone to forward pictures that they took of Harper’s Pokemon party. Yes, my little girl likes Pokemon and Togepi is her favorite. Ha! We aren’t raising her to think she can only like “pink and frilly” and that drives her traditional grandparents nuts.

Michelle was able to capture a picture before Harper (with some assistance) cut her cake. She didn’t want to sit still so her body is blurry. Half of our pictures look like this now! Ha!

Mike and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this Friday so I’m going to need to really keep my nutrition in check until then. I want to indulge a little that night. Moderation.

Are you able to stop and capture the moment?
What’s your go-to dinner party appetizer?

This post was fueled by Starbucks, The Neighbourhood and a ham & cheese sandwich. Fancy! 😉