Turkey, Trees and Weights

Hello fine people! Thanksgiving has come and gone with no additional inches to the waistband for me. Admittedly, I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with my throat on fire so food was of little interest to me. I had to apologize in advance to my husband because I couldn’t really smell and I couldn’t taste anything…both of those senses are crucial when you’re cooking. Luckily, everything turned out wonderfully! Normally, my mother-in-law cooks a Caribbean Thanksgiving feast but I was tasked with hosting last minute. Because I grew up eating turkey and Southern fixings on Turkey Day, that’s what we had at my house. I was able to find healthy versions of our favorite sides so that was a double win!

Turkey Carving Done Right

This is how we carve turkeys. Be afraid.

We put on a Christmas movie, poured apple cider and put the tree up after dinner! I still need to make the bow so a picture of the entire tree will come soon. I can’t decide if I want to use the plaid fabric I made some of the ornaments from for the bow or if I want it to be a solid red.

Hello December

I went shopping around for heavier weights for home because I want to get ready for my upcoming break. I’ll have about a week and a half off and the university’s gym will be closed during that time so I need to add to my home gym. More hex dumbbells and an EZ curl bar are on my wishlist for Santa!

What was your favorite Thanksgiving memory (if you celebrate)?

This post was fueled by yogurt, hot cinnamon spice tea from Starbucks and Michael Buble.

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You Get What You Ask For {Fitness}

I finally reached out to the trainer I wanted and got a “yes”! Who the heck takes on a new training program right before Thanksgiving? Is that what y’all are thinking? I questioned it myself so no offense would be taken. Ha! Accountability.

The program she has written out is intense but she wants to “push me”. I need that. While I love bodybuilding.com and the training programs they have on their site I need someone to check-in with. Someone to help me figure out what works, what doesn’t and how to fix little issues. I’ve even been more conscious of what goes into my mouth because this relationship goes both ways.

The last thing I want to do is ask for her help, have her set aside the time to write out schedules and then not pull my share. Nope!

On a typical day, there aren’t very many ladies in the weight room at my gym. You see some of the guys smirk at lady lifters and some even look at which dumbbells you pick up to see how heavy you’re lifting! Rude. After my first superset of shoulders and biceps, a guy actually stood beside and copied everything I did! He had no shame y’all. I don’t blame him, the workouts are killer.

Don’t worry, her identity will be revealed if I get permission…or if she outs herself.

Who/what gives you that extra push?
What are you eating for Thanksgiving?

This post was fueled by grapes (thank you again, Michelle), Billie Holiday and Starbucks! Speaking of which, don’t forget to enter the Starbucks gift card giveaway!


Inspiration Workshop: Thanksgiving

Since I’ve been married, I have learned to compromise and split holidays between my family and Mike’s (if we don’t have a 2 person meal). When we first got engaged, I insisted on spending the holidays with my family. Period. End of discussion. We were living in the same city as his parents, so I thought that the only “fair thing” to do was to pack it up and go see my family. I was selfish. I didn’t think about his mom’s feelings at all. I was stuck on what “we” always did in Conway. There was a lot of “well, MY mom does xyz. Does YOUR mom?” *shame face*

My mom (thank God) is a sensible, caring woman so she called me a few weeks before Easter of 2009 for a “come to Jesus” meeting. She told me that she was happy that I wanted to take her feelings into account, but I needed to work more on bonding with my new family. And that included Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter dinners. You can’t continue traditions or make new ones if no one is around. I’m not going to say this is a seamless process but we’re working on it.

I love this cute, printable poster!

Chic flowers made from paper bags! Yes…paper bags.

We’re spending Thanksgiving Day at my mother-in-law’s house this year, so that means we’ll be singing karaoke.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
Does your family have a fun tradition or would you like to start a new one?