Get Fit Chick: Insanity

The Boy and I have been done with Insanity for a few weeks now (woot woot!) so I can give my full opinion of the program. 
I have a love/hate relationship with Shaun T (the maniac behind Insanity. ha!). He will push you and make you want to work hard to build the body you want. There were times I thought that I was in bootcamp because he demands you take it to the max. Never in a mean way though! He just wants you to push past the “i’m too tired”, “i don’t feel like it”…which I did say. Thankfully for me, I had a motivator in the form of my awesome hubby who made me NOT cheat myself. (hey boy! if you’re reading this…thank you)
The Fit Test:
You begin and end the program with the fit test which is a fantastic idea. You have a few throughout the 60 days also, about one every two weeks. My fit test results were another motivator. I just HAD to beat the numbers. I get really competitive y’all. When we were doing a new fit test, I would ask Mike about his numbers and aimed to smash them. Ha! He always smoked me in a couple categories like the “power jumps” but it was still fun to try to beat him. My end results are triple my first results in almost every category. The dang “frog jumps”…I had the same two numbers the entire time! 
The First 30 Days:
The workouts during the first 30 days were about 45 minutes with roughly 9-10 minutes of that being your warm-up. There are a couple days where you will have two workouts in a day, so if you choose to do the program keep that in mind. We live in an apartment so we weren’t able to complete ours in the morning (there is a lot of jumping in Insanity). If you live in a house, I would suggest to do what you could in the morning if your schedule allows. By the end of the first 30 days I had biceps and was down pounds and inches. Holy moly! 
The Last 30 Days:
This was when your girl was on the floor about to die! The workouts are longer…an hour. There was one day we were working out for what felt like two hours. But we did it and so could you! I just find the time factor important because we all have different schedules. The second month is where you will see your best results. I don’t mean that you’ll lose a crap ton of weight, I’m saying that you will see your body change. You’ll see some sexy muscle formation! 😉
The Verdict:
Like with any fitness program/routine you will have to dedicate time in your schedules to allow for proper nutrition and exercise. If you are ready to eat clean, sweat and bust your booty you can do it. I don’t suggest anyone with knee, ankle or any body part below the waist problems do Insanity. There is a lot of jumping. I know that I’ve mentioned it already…but yeah. Insanity is based on MAX Interval Training so your heart rate will soar before he brings you back down for a quick rest. If you have a problem with your ticker, don’t do Insanity. I do think that you should speak to a health care provider before diving into the program. Unless you’re an athletic person already? The Boy and I didn’t but I was mindful of my heart rate the entire time. I would walk around the room if I felt that I needed to. All in all, I love what Insanity has done for Mike and I. We’ve moved on to ChaLean Extreme because we caught the fitness bug. 
Bring it!  

Happy Tuesday!

Get Fit Chick: Check In #11

This is our last week of Insanity! Woo hoo! This girl is happydancin’ all over the place. You know…when my body isn’t completely shredded from insane workouts.

I don’t have any measurements to share this week because The Boy wanted to wait for final results (we’ll have them on Sunday). I’m going to point you in the direction of a yummy protein shake instead! It tastes like something you’d get from Steak ‘n Shake, I promise. The Boy and I had the chocolate peanut butter shakes this morning and I almost licked the blender because it was THAT good.


That’s what Katie’s typical protein shake looks like. If you’ve been looking for a pre or post workout meal, I highly recommend one of these guys!  I love pretty much all of the recipes on Katie’s website, Dashing Dish, because they’re easy and always delicious.

Happy Tuesday!
Don’t forget to update me with any of your progress. 


Baby Brain

I’ve been baby crazy for the last few months. KA-razy! The Boy holds his breath when a pregnant woman is within 20 feet of us because he gets “the look” from me. My right eyebrow arches into my hairline and I start looking from said pregnant lady to The Boy (its the silent form of “do you see what I’m seeing”). I know that we aren’t ready yet because there are a few things on our list we want to cross off before we seriously contemplate parenthood. With that said…here are some really cute ideas for parents or wannabes like me.

I think that most people would get a kick out of seeing how their interests developed throughout the years. Plus Zoot is a complete riot! 
This is pure genius! I dont have any kids *cough* but seeing the activity around new moms makes me love this idea. I could only imagine taking care of a newborn and entertaining a toddler at the same time! Seriously, if you have someone in your life who is expecting check this out. I have a few to make myself! 
This is probably my favorite baby announcement ever! Its simple and playful. My only problem…I wouldn’t be able to hold that secret long enough to announce it cleverly. 
Happy Monday!
Are you baby crazed also? 


Get Fit Chick: Raleigh Edition

The Boy, Shira and I went to Raleigh, North Carolina for an extended weekend to celebrate my birthday and plan for the future. I’m excited to say that we loved the Raleigh/Durham area. They have tons of galleries which is great for my artist hubby. We spent more time in downtown Raleigh than downtown Durham so I liked it more. The Boy and I don’t really have a bar/restaurant that we call ours in our current city and I SO want that. Ha! Maybe I watch too much “How I Met Your Mother” but I really want a spot. I’m ready to move now, heck I didn’t want to come back to South Carolina!

Because it was my birthday trip and North Carolina has breweries out the wazoo… this girl came back with a little more weight than she left with. Only one pound though! Our hotel room didn’t allow enough space for “Insanity” so the only exercise we got was from walking around the mall and the cities. Because y’all are my accountability buddies I’m going to be real and show you some of what I consumed.

Bad Penny Brown Ale from the Big Boss Brewing Co was my favorite local beer.

The Boy decided to dress like me and wear a gray v-neck. Hehe.
This is where Shaun T would start smacking the hell out of us.
Mustard greens, coleslaw, bbq and garlic fries? Why, yes and thank you!
Every birthday girl is entitled to a little cake. Tyler’s Restaurant and Taproom makes the best Dulce de Leche Cheesecake ever! 
This is just a gratuitous picture of Shira saying “no more pictures”. She must have thought the flash was on but I love this face. Silly pup. 
Do you stay disciplined when you go out of town? Or do you go food crazy like us?
Happy Tuesday!