Get Fit Chick- Check In #8

Hey y’all! Its that time of the week again. I’m the same weight as last week, so I wont technically reach my first goal of losing 10lbs before my birthday. I’m happy with the 9lbs so I won’t complain. I’ll just have to behave myself tomorrow and cross my fingers that my boss doesn’t bring birthday doughnuts. I love Krispy Kreme and she keeps talking about bringing some to work. I think she hates me. Ha!
The Boy was sick with bronchitis last week so we didn’t do Insanity. To stay active, I did some POP Cardio and Tone It Up routines. I forgot how fun those workouts were.
We started month two over last night and The Boy did an awesome job even though he’s still really congested. We still have a few weeks of the program left, but I’m already trying to figure out what I’ll do next. One of Mike’s best friends just became a Beachbody coach so I hired him…for FREE. Hehe! Beachbody has challenging programs (like Insanity and P90x) that get you in excellent shape, so I’m torn. Do I want to do P90x, Brazil Butt Lift or ChaLEAN Extreme next? 
We took progress pictures last night, I’m not posting my tummy shot because I’m in a sports bra. I don’t want to offend your eyes. Ha! 
I’m not good at flexing yet. 
The Boy is in full-on beast mode 

Happy Tuesday!!


Get Fit Chick- Check In #7

I’ve been a little slack around here lately! So sorry…life just grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me. Not nice, but I’m bouncing back.

Last night was the start of Insanity month two for Mike and I. Seriously, Shaun T…what did I ever do to you? You must want to murder me. Y’all, we had to do another fit test and the max interval circuit video in one night. I dang near DIED. The friendly “i just want to be your fitness buddy” Shaun T of month one has been replaced by a drill sergeant. I don’t think I like it. I found myself talking back to the tv at some points. (Because he could totally hear me! Ha) There was a lot of “this is not a warm-up, i’m already tired”, “you have GOT to be kidding me…you want me to do THAT“, but I made it through another night. 
I’m down a total of nine pounds now! I do think that my numbers would be better if I behaved myself this weekend, but I went to the St Pat’s festival downtown. The beer was green, I had to drink some. I’ve been walking around flexing my biceps for the last few days because the muscles are really defined. I’ll post pictures next week if y’all want to see! 
How are y’all doing with your goals for 2012?
Happy Tuesday!


Get Fit Chick- Check In #6

Finally, finally…we made it through a month of Insanity! Ding dong, Hallelujah, someone sound the bells please. I did not think the recovery week would ever get here. Let me tell ya, last week was HARD. Mike had to push me. I probably burned 150 calories from pouting alone because I’m really good at it. Seriously though, I was tired! I didn’t feel well and after pounding my body into the ground…I was OVER it. The Boy wouldn’t let me give me up. He pointed out how silly it would be for me to stop after doing the program for weeks just because I was having a pity party. I needed that. He’s been the best accountability buddy ever!

I don’t have any stats to share this week because I’m all bloated from my monthly. Sorry, there’s no delicate way to phrase that and these posts are about realness anyway…right?!

I’m going to be posting a quick and delicious meal on Thursday, courtesy of The Boy. He made a fantastic Wild Mushroom and Garlic Pizza that even a mushroom hater (like myself) will enjoy.

Happy Tuesday!


New Loves

The Boy and I are possibly moving. Yay! Our lease is up so we’re doing the month-to-month thing until we figure out the next step. The neighbors are really loud and I just cannot deal with it any longer. I don’t like the act of moving, you know…the packing, hauling of boxes and unpacking. What I do love about this possible move is decorating a new home, whether it be in our current city or another one. 
I’m starting with the kitchen this time:

Meal and chore planner

The Boy and I don’t have a set of nice “grown up” pots. I love this cookware set, the color is so vibrant.

This salt crock is from the same line as the cookware above. I’m not completely sold on the idea because it means your salt is uncovered. However, it does coordinate and would look cute on the counter.

These canisters and bowls are clean and simple.

Milk bottle measuring cups!

The kitchen isn’t one of those rooms that will get redecorated a lot because most items have a function. Because of that, I like to stick with colors that won’t drive me crazy three months down the line. While I would love a hot pink and turquoise kitchen, I just know that I would end up kicking myself in the butt.

Want to see more lovely things? You’ll want to visit Jamie and Michelle then. 
What are you in love with lately?