Bikinis and Biker Babes {Beach Vacation}

My mom celebrated her 60th birthday last week! Woo hoo! My siblings and their families, along with my crew, took her house over. She loved having all of her brood there at once and it was fun to watch the kiddos interact. My nieces would probably roll their eyes at that…teenagers. Ha!

Even though it was bike week, some of us really wanted to go to the ocean front. Oh my booty cheeks rocking everywhere. Because my brother and his family live out of the state, my nieces have never been exposed to the “ladies” who flock to bike week festivities. Until we were leaving the beach…other than that our time there was family friendly.

We had a great time. It was Harper’s first time seeing the ocean and sticking her toes in the sand. She hated the sand and cried every time we put her down when we got there. She eventually got used to the feeling and would sit long enough to dig with her shovel. She loved the water! I’m 99.5% sure that she’s a mermaid.

I’m waiting on a picture of all of us from brother to come in so that I can tell y’all about how fun my mom’s birthday dinner was. I ate about five pounds worth of cookies, cakes and pasta. I regret nothing.

Oh and I’m going to really take time out to learn about editing vlogs because my arm is in a splint now. Typing with this thing on is a pain in the ass somewhat difficult.


Random-Leigh {Liebster #1}

Yeow! I was nominated by four lovely women for the Liebster Award and couldn’t be more thrilled! The first batch of questions comes from Kristen, please go check out her blog on parenting. She’s not your typical mama blogger…mimosas were on her Mother’s Day wish list. Yes, please! I’ll take two.

Here’s how it works:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions from the nominating blogger
  • Provide 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 11 small blogs you feel deserve the award
  • Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer 
I don’t think I know 44 bloggers so I’m going to nominate as many as I can. 

Q & A Time:

1. Why did you start your blog? A few years ago, I found blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Gussy Sews (Maggie Whitley Designs) and fell in love with the community. I always wanted to take my love of sewing to the next level and hope that the community we build here will help support that dream! 

2. What is your blog about? ME. Ha! It started off as a lifestyle/DIY blog and has now grown with me. I write about my love of family, fitness and fabric. Once life calms down a little bit…I want to start posting more “Sew Easy Sunday” tutorials again! 

3. What is your theme song? “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club

4. What actress would be cast to play you in the movie of your life? Gabrielle Union. She has a good bitchface and I suffer from that. 

5.What is your most prized possession? All of my Harper pictures and stuff from the NICU. Some people may think its depressing but I kept things like her jaundice machine (i have no clue what’s really called) goggles. She was so tiny and I think that she will appreciate seeing these things when she’s old enough.

Mike and I affectionately called her Daft Punk baby…our parents hated that. 

6. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Jamie Eason Middleton! Love her! She’s a fitness model and mama who has a big heart. You don’t have to be into bodybuilding to enjoy following her because she posts about everything! Go check out her super cute baby boy. I used her Live Fit trainer during the 100k Transformation challenge and love my results. I plan on using the program again in a month or two. 

7. What is your favorite post you have written? My rant on body shaming. I still get unsolicited “don’t get like She Hulk” comments that I roll my eyes too. I personally love She Hulk’s physique and would be impressed with myself if I looked like her. LOL!

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Bali! 

9. If you found a magic lamp with a genie, what would be your 3 wishes? No debt (student loans are of the devil himself), to be a successful entrepreneur, for Mike to live his dream of being a full-time comic book illustrator at Marvel or DC (or his own company). 

10. What is the last book you read? “Camp Paradox: A Memoir of Stolen Innocence” by Barbara Graham

11. If you could give your 18 year old self one piece of advice, what would it be? Eat something. 

Random Facts:
1. I’m drinking a venti iced coffee from Starbucks.
2. I used to hate Starbucks because they put a local coffee shop that I LOVED out of business. 
3. Mike calls me a “bro”. 
4. I use a Hello Kitty planner 
5. I used to hate crop tops but I reeeallly want to wear one with a maxi skirt this summer. 
6. I’m a typical Aries. 
7. If you call me, I probably won’t answer.
8. I’ll text you though. 
9. I have had Google+ for years and I almost never use it. 
10. Instagram is my favorite.
11. I don’t like wearing pants. 

Thank you for the nomination, Kristen! I’m going to post my questions and nominated my folks when I answer the last batch of questions. 

If you have any suggestions for “Sew Easy Sunday”, let me know in the comments section. Photobucket

Its Okay to Say Goodbye {to Old Products}

It’s time for a confession. I’m a product junkie who hates to throw things away. If I love a product, I will use 90% of it and then hoard the rest. Why? I have no reason. I literally have 3 bottles of my favorite leave-in conditioner in my favorite box. Because yes…I have my hair products divided into sections.

Everyday Hair loves, Like ‘Em and Hate ‘Em. The same thing applies for my bath and body products. I have a lot of bins and a very patient husband. Ha!

After a quick look under the cabinet, I decided it was time to throw some things away. And then publicly shame myself in hopes that I will break this habit.

Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste– Love it and need to buy more. The packaging is completely different now because mine is three years old. I’m just going to toss this before my hair falls out.

Clinque Perfectly Real Makeup- Oh dear, why is this still in my arsenal? I wore THIS foundation on my wedding day. That’ll be five years in December. Trash. Don’t worry, I haven’t used it in years. I’m not even this shade of brown anymore.

Skin Below the Chin- I hate this stuff. I’d rather smash a glass, grind it into a fine powder and exfoliate with it then use this product. Its been collecting dust for about three years. I know that it looks like I’ve used a lot but no. I had friends try it to see if it was “user error” on my part. We all ended up with scrapes on our legs from the huge chunks of whatever the heck they use. Trash.

Also tossed were a bottle of Sebastian hair spray that I loved when my hair was relaxed in 2009 and a bottle of Flat Iron Balm.

My first Liebster post is coming later today! Is it time for you to kiss some items goodbye?

In collaboration with The Dollar Shave Club.


Motherhood is Some Scary Ish

Life has been an absolute whirlwind lately! After the stomach virus and then a cold, Harper got bitten by some bug and had a pretty bad reaction. She went from having normal mosquito looking bites to nastiness that sent us to the doctor’s office.

Motherhood is some scary shit. When you already have pretty high anxiety and then something like this happens…good grief! I couldn’t eat yesterday from the worry. Because the bites were changing so quickly (due to her possibly scratching) I HAD to get onto WebMD before Mike took her to get checked out. Why oh why?! Never look up infections or bites on that site. Just get to a real physician as quickly as you can because I had the poor baby diagnosed as having cellulitis.

Don’t google it. Trust me.

I didn’t workout yesterday because I didn’t fuel my system appropriately. I’m not planning on going to the gym tonight but will get in a workout from home. Because we’re now living off of one steady flow of income, I’m trying to figure out if I’ll keep my gym membership. It’s not a lot of money but it’s about a tank of gas per month. We’ll see.

I Need More Wine via Earl-Leigh Designs