He Put a Ring On It {Five Years}

The husband and I celebrated 5 years of marriage this past weekend! Woohoo!

We woke up to a car that wouldn’t start (AGAIN) on Thursday morning so I just knew that we weren’t going to do anything. Mostly because Mike was fuming about the cost of repairs and getting a new SUV. Haha! My plan was to surprise him with pizza from our favorite place and beer. I’m so classy. Seriously though, Dano’s has the best pizza in Columbia and we don’t get it often.

Mike called me from the gym to let me know that his mom was going to watch Harper so we could get dinner! Talk about being surprised. We love a local eatery, Cafe Strudel, for the brunch menu and never tried their dinner before so he wanted to take me there. The only problem was that I looked like

We spent an hour getting Harper, Shira (our westie) and myself ready for the evening.

People rave about how good the Duck Fries are at Cafe Strudel. I’m not a fry person and I thought that it was a random item to have on their menu. Who the hell wants to eat fries and then move onto a seafood mac and cheese? I did it. Mike was so excited to try the damn fries he talked about them the entire drive over (in a rental because our car was still broken).

One glance at the Duck Fry description made me slightly intrigued. They are tossed in duck fat and truffle oil and served with an aioli. Fattening? Yes, but I was already one Texas Mule in and impatiently awaiting my mac and cheese.

Everything was delicious.

The day before our wedding and we looked like babies.

Tequila in wine glasses? Why not?

This post was fueled by coffee and the anticipation of inhaling a pomegranate.

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Wedding Recap {TIU Bridesmaid}

Hey y’all! The HR girl within my organization quit (after a year of not doing anything) so I’ve been drafted to fill in…which means I’m too swamped to blog. By the time I get home, I just want to play with Harper, eat, snuggle the husband and drink wine. I have been way too tired to prepare posts in the evenings. It may be the wine.

Last week, I was able to escape HR duty because two of my dearest friends got married and Mike and I were in the wedding! On Thursday, the girls had a bridal luncheon, mani/pedis, the rehearsal and dinner. The groomsmen grabbed some pizza, went to the movies and then met us for rehearsal. It was pretty much two days of the ladies being fancy and the guys hanging out. They even played basketball in their tuxedos before the ceremony…which was before the photographer got to them. I’m just glad they didn’t tear anything. Boys.

 Here’s a snippet:

Can someone please help the bride?
Before the reception!
The handsome groom, one of his bff’s and I got photobombed. 
The hubby and me. 

My nutrition was decent. I only indulged a tiny bit with desserts BUT the rehearsal dinner was open bar and I HAD to drink their signature wedding cocktails. It would have been rude otherwise.

I stayed on top of my training schedule while I was there, although, the hotel fitness center left much to be desired. I had to work off a few of those drinks! This is the last week of the Tone It Up Bikini Series and I want to finish strong.

Dont worry, I plan on hiring a posing coach for my competition. Ha! I forgot half of what I needed to train in while away, so I’m wearing Mike’s shoes in the picture. Eew! I know! I needed to hit the gym so I tied his shoes super tight and tried to not think about it. If you look at my foot, you can see where my toes are touching the ground.

I’ll try to hurry back soon but you can always catch me on Instagram!


That One Time I Crashed a Bachelor Party

I’m officially two weeks behind on my Random-Leigh posts. I know, I know…you’re devastated and I apologize. It’s just getting harder to type with this stupid splint and vlogging is proving itself to be interesting.

This past Friday night, my friends and I got together for a sleepover bachelorette party. Katie, the bride, loves the movie “Bridesmaids” so we obviously needed to play a drinking game. Yeah.

The movie is filled with raunchy humor, threats of violence and swearing. The game dictates that you drink anytime someone curses, says something violent or talks about marriage.

One of the other ladies at the bachelorette (Kate), was going to the bachelor party the next night because she’s actually a groomswoman. Well, the only groomswoman. Because The Groom, Kate and I are friends from college…I decided that I would crash his party. My invitation was lost in the mail. Silly postman. Ha!

It pretty much went from this,

To this…

Okay, maybe not to that degree but my body was definitely feeling it. When you go from eating healthy, with an occasional glass of wine, to back-to-back parties…your body responds negatively. I didn’t get sick but my skin didn’t have its usual glow. When my nutrition is on point (meaning, not crappy), my hair and skin reflect the nourishment I’m providing.

This week is detox time. Lots of water with lemon, extra veggies and fruit.

Get it Together via Earl-Leigh Designs

*Sidenote: My hubby is a groomsmen and was at the bachleor party too. 

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