Shopping with Katie

I’m linking up with Katie again this week for more Windowshop Wednesday fun! I like the idea of window shopping because it’s guilt free. And well…FREE. My problem is that “looking” usually turns into “well, I’ll just go visit to see if the item is still there” to me purchasing the dang thing. I went through all of that to say that we’re heading to
I’m probably the least athletic person you’d ever meet. I’m not even kidding, I trot instead of run.  Which is why I was so proud of myself for actually using my gym membership this past summer. Alas Autumn has arrived in the form of pumpkin cookies and ale. Not to forget mentioning, as my momma said, I “haven’t seen the insides of a gym in one month”. LOL.  I would most def get these items to get myself back into gear.

The perfect jacket to wear while walking Shira
I love these shoes! Of course impractical me would like the pink ones.
I think that pedometers are cute, but I haven’t been exerting myself lately to justify needing one.
I love the colors and print
Do you find yourself more excited about fitness apparel than the actual fitness part?
 (maybe its just me. ha!)

Happy Wednesday!